29 July 2012

Holographic Laser Mani - Try #2

Today's laser manicure is my second attempt - the first time I used real tape and the results were quite disastrous.

This time I actually used striping tape and the results were MUCH better. The base is a holographic silver and I am still new to using holos - so I decided to be safe and avoid top coat on this manicure.

Here is my awesome close up on that holographic goodness!

Of course there were some mistakes - my tape pulled up some of the holographic polish. I think I should wait a bit longer next time before I place the tape, but holo polishes dry so fast that I did it almost immediately after applying.

What do you think, guys?


  1. Amazing, I love all the different colours you can see in that holographic polish, the black really makes it shine! X


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