28 July 2012

Shades of Pink Striping Tape Mani

Today's manicure was inspired by Chalkboard Nails' beautiful harlequin manicure. I wanted to try this same style for my FIRST striping tape manicure (it just came in the mail! And is very cheap to buy on Amazon.)

But I wanted a lighter color palette, so I chose shades of pink!

It turned out to be a LOT easier than I thought it'd be - my only problem I think is that I did not put enough of the polish on each triangle to make it opaque.

I also am trying out a new less invasive watermark. As you may know, I am still trying to pave my way into the nail blogging world, so you'll all have to bear with me as I find my own style!

What do you think of this striping tape manicure?

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