02 August 2012

Bohemian Luster Chrome Rare and Radiant Swatch and Stamping!

This weekend, my mother and I went nail polish shopping and found the new Bohemian Luster Chrome collection by China Glaze and picked up a couple. Today I will be showing you "Rare and Radiant", which is certainly radiant but anything but rare! I don't own Chanel Peridot or OPI Just Spotted the Lizard but CG has definitely made a dupe of them.

It is a beautiful multi-chrome gold with a blueish green tint. Here is two layers with no top coat.

As you can see, the multichrome is much stronger in the bottle than on the nail, which unfortunately is true for almost every bottle in this collection, from what I could tell. It would be stronger over black but I decided to skip that.

Now, since this is a dupe, I would definitely say to save your money if you already own one of the two polishes I mentioned above (Chanel or OPI.) But, if you do not own any of those colors, this is the one you want to buy because it is definitely the cheapest brand out of all three (for me, CG is usually around 5 dollars.)

I topped my manicure off with a stamp from BM 301 with Sinful Colors Black on Black, and I love how it turned out.

Also, do you guys like my manicures over white instead of black? I decided to switch out the paper in my light box to see if it would come out any better. ;) Let me know what you think!

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