24 March 2015

UNT Black Rockfest Collection Swatches + Review


Hi all! Hope you are having a great week so far. Today I've got some swatches to share with you from UNT, that are available internationally from Live Love Polish. These shades are from the Black Rockfest Collection, which features five rebellious glitter top coats.

Seriously, these glitters are so punk rock! They are all mostly black matte glitters with a splash of color. No dabbing or fishing was required for any of these, and the glitters spread over the nail super easily. I swatched all over the Nubar Pop Collection, which I reviewed here. Anyway, let's take a look:

First off is Backstage Pass, a glitter topper featuring black hexes in various sizes, as well as red hexes and black bar glitters. Now, I'm not normally a fan of bar glitters, but they are featured in a few of these polishes and I have to admit - I don't mind at all! I think the bar glitter makes this one even edgier, if that's possible. Shown above is one easy coat over Nubar Cover Girl, with top coat.

Got Ticket? is a glitter topper featuring black hexes in various sizes, as well as a scattering of peach and pastel yellow hexes. Another awesome topper! I paired this shade over Nubar Encore, and I think the color combination works really well. Shown above is one easy coat with top coat.

Rock Till You Drop is possibly my favorite in the collection, a glitter topper featuring black hexes in various sizes, including large hexes, as well as lime green hexes. I normally don't love larger glitters since I have such small nails, but I think these really suit the polish. If you want the placement to be less random, you can definitely place the larger glitters! Shown above is one easy coat over Nubar Fan Club, with top coat.

Electric Spotlight is a glitter topper very similar to Backstage Pass, featuring black hexes in various sizes, as well as black bar glitters and light blue hexes. This is another one that I absolutely loved - I just really like the randomness of the colored glitters and where they end up on the nails! Shown above is one easy coat over Nubar Media, with top coat.

I've saved the best for last - Fest of the Year is a glitter topper featuring black hexes in various sizes, as well as red, light pink, peach, pastel yellow, and light and dark blue hexes. What an awesome rainbow of polishes! I love how this polish features non traditional colors that match so well. Shown above is one easy coat over Nubar Choirgirl and top coat.

Overall, I am super impressed with these! I am not usually blown away by glitters, especially ones that are so similar to each other - but I really loved this collection and how edgy all the toppers are. Plus, I just love matte glitter!

All of these shades are available from Live Love Polish for $8 USD each, and they ship internationally.

So, which one is your favorite?!

Base: Nailtiques Formula 2 Plus, available here
Nubar shades, available here
UNT shades, available here
Top: Nubar POLI-CURE®


  1. Those are some nice glitters! I quite like them.

  2. These glitters are so funky! I love it. The name suits them perfectly!

  3. Absolutely blown away by your beautiful manis - and even more, by how you picked the perfect base colours to show off those glitters! Wowza. (And I don't even like black glitter or bar glitters!)

  4. Oh you are so sweet! It actually took me a long time to decide on the colors because I really wanted to complement the glitters, hehe! :)

  5. I love the bases you swatched these over! The contrast is phenomenal! Fest of the Year and Got Ticket? remind me a lot of the OPI Charlie Brown polishes they put out for Halloween last year!

  6. These are exact dupes of OPI Charlie Brown Collection. So not cool. :(

  7. They are all perfect and every combination is beatiful!

  8. I really love the color pairings you used. Some of these really do look like they could be dupes for the OPI Charlie Brown collection, as others have mentioned. Great swatches!


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