23 March 2015

a-England The Blessed Damozel Swatch + Nail Art


Hello everyone! Today I have a fun new shade to show you from a-England called The Blessed Damozel, as well as some funky nail art. It's been quite a while since I've used a-England polishes, but here's a fun little fact: they were actually the first indie brand I ever purchased, way back in early 2012 when I was just getting into nail art. (In fact, if you go all the way back to my very first post on Instagram, you'll see a photo of the two shades I purchased!)

Anyway, let's take a look at this new shade:

The Blessed Damozel is a blackened purple metallic shade with warm undertones. It did remind me a lot of a-England Avalon, which is actually one of the two shades that I bought way back in the day - but unfortunately, my bottle is in my old apartment so I couldn't make a comparison (although you can see them compared on this blog.) Shown above is two easy coats with top coat - the formula is slightly thick but very opaque and easy to use. I used the second coat to even out any brush strokes.

And I couldn't resist doing some funky nail art inspired by @MissBellaTracey on Instagram:

To achieve this look, I started with a base of KBShimmer Eclipse, then sponged on a gradient of a-England The Blessed Damozel on the top half of my nails, which was very subtle in photos but vibrant in real life! Once that base was dry, I taped off sections with striping tape and filled them in with Color Club Harp On It (review here.) I peeled off the striping tape and voila!

My camera actually had an extremely hard time picking up this color, but I think I have edited my photos to be pretty color accurate. (Although my skin might look a little funky.) I think the striping tape design is pretty interesting, but it weirdly almost reminds me of bondage? (Do I just have my mind in the gutter? Maybe. But once I had that thought, I couldn't unsee it, haha!)

Either way, I do love the mix of colors, and I wish that the purple picked up on the camera better, because this gradient looked so badass in real life!

Here are the shades I used in this nail art look.

a-England The Blessed Damozel is available from Llarowe for $10 USD, and yes, they ship internationally! If you happen to live in Colorado, you can actually purchase products from their flagship store - more details on that here. And be sure to follow Llarowe on Facebook for restocks and updates.

What do you think of The Blessed Damozel?

Base: Nailtiques Formula 2 Plus, available here
KBShimmer Eclipse, available here
a-England The Blessed Damozel, available here
Color Club Harp on It, available hereTop: KBShimmer Clearly on Top, available here


  1. The nail art is fantastic! Wow, the holo polish looks so good on top of it.

  2. This is really pretty! Nope your mind isn't in the gutter because that's EXACTLY what it looked like when I saw it as well lol.

  3. It's so pretty!! i love this style, it's perfect <3

  4. LOL well I'm glad I'm not the only one!! Thank you ;)

  5. Love the nail art you did, it's so beautiful.

  6. ♥ such a beautiful colour and i looove the tape-design! I have to try this myself, it's great :D

  7. Lol it reminded me of the Air Force seal.


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