12 September 2013

Comparison Post: Zoya Suvi vs Zoya Giovanna

Speaking of green nail polish! Today I want to show you guys a quick comparison post between two Zoya polishes. I purchased both Zoya Suvi and Zoya Giovanna while looking for a perfect shimmery winter green, and I couldn't decide between the two. So for those of you looking for a nice new green, I made it easy for you!

Pinky: Suvi. Ring: Giovanna. Middle: Suvi. Pointer: Giovanna.
As you can see, these polishes are similar but definitely not dupes. My pinky and middle fingers are Zoya Suvi, and my ring and pointer fingers are Zoya Giovanna. In this photo, I am holding Zoya Giovanna.

Both polishes have a great formula. The above photo shows three coats of each polish, but I could have gotten away with two coats with Giovanna. However, I found that Suvi was a bit more sheer.

Pinky: Suvi. Ring: Giovanna. Middle: Suvi. Pointer: Giovanna.
Here is a closer look at these polishes. Suvi is more of a black leaning forest green, while Giovanna is an emerald green with a slight bluish tint. Both colors are gorgeous, but distinctly different. Even looking at this comparison, I don't think I could choose one over the other! Both seem to be great for winter.

In the bottles, these polishes appear to have a slight duochrome effect, but I didn't see that on my nails.

You can buy both of these polishes on Zoya's website here. Which polish do you prefer? Do you like seeing comparison posts?

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