07 October 2012

Julep Maven October It Girl Box Review Part II - Swatches

So I know I just made a post about my Julep box that I got this month - but I just swatched the colors and couldn't wait to show them off!

First off is my favorite of the polishes this month - Caroline. It is described as a deep burgundy shimmer.

I think this polish is stunning. It looks like velvet from far away, and up close, you can see the dark red shimmer. I honestly could have used just one coat, but for this swatch I did two coats.

Next is Leslie, a black polish with silver shimmer in it.

I love this for Halloween! It is such a nice twist on classic black nail polish.

This polish is a bit gritty, but easy to smooth over with a bit of top coat. This is two coats.

Finally we have the crackle of the bunch, Glenda. I know a lot of mavens were upset to find that there were crackles in each box, but I really like this color. I have used crackle before but was never too satisfied with it, but Glenda was easy to apply and actually cracked nicely.

This is one thin coat of Glenda over Leslie.

Look at that silver shimmer! It almost looks like rainbow shimmer in the polish. I love it.

Overall, I am thrilled with the It Girl box.

If you want to be a Julep Maven, click here to take your personality quiz! At checkout, you can enter the code PENNY to get your first box for just one penny.


  1. LOVE Caroline and it looks so gorgeous on you !!! I got Maven choice for this month coz I'm not a big fan of crackle!!

    1. I was deciding between Maven Choice and this box, but I just loved caroline too much to resist! haha

  2. I LOVED my October Julep box, too!! Caroline is beautiful and I'm liking the crackle look for Halloween! It looks kind of dirty and gritty! <3

  3. The crackle polish looks really great and I'm not even that big a fan of crackle lol!


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