13 October 2012

Apple Picking Manicure!

Today me and a bunch of friends went apple picking, and I did my nails as per Rebecca Likes Nails.

Unfortunately, I somehow messed up one of my outlets when I tried to turn on some lamps to take photos, so I could only take these.

I totally love these! And I had so much fun picking apples. Here are a couple of photos of me apple picking for you guys to be jealous of ;)

Me holding a delicious apple (before eating it!)

Me! With my friend in the background mid bite haha

Me and my cute boyfriend ;)


  1. Am jealous alright! The apples on the nails looks deliciously ripe and ready to be pick! Glad you guys had a fun time :D

  2. What a cute mani !! Glad you guys had fun :)

  3. Looks like you had fun! Your nails are super cute- I love the ring finger and thumb! :)


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