16 August 2012

Houndstooth Stamping With Essie As Good As Gold (Fail)

Today's manicure was easily the most frustrating experience I have had in weeks!

I started with a black base (Sinful Colors Black on Black) and wanted to stamp using my new Essie Metallics Good as Gold - and I had to redo it four times and it STILL doesn't look perfect!

But here's the thing - Good as Gold happens to be PERFECT for stamping. It is completely opaque in one coat. But it dries so incredible quickly that by the time my stamper reached my nail, it was partially dry!

So I just decided to rush as much as possible and made a decent amount of mistakes. As you can see below, I stamped my pointer finger the wrong way!

Still, I couldn't bear to keep this incredible color from you guys, so I decided to photograph it anyway.


  1. Oh this isn't a fail at all! It looks great, I can't wait to try stamping. I have nominated your lovely blog for a blog award, have a look at my blog to see it :)

  2. Well I can't see how this stamping is a fail ;) It looks almost perfect, and I didn't notice you stamped the wrong way until you mentionned it! I think it looks great, plus as the design is complex imperfections just get lost in the pattern!

    1. Thanks :) Maybe I shouldn't have mentioned it then, haha!

  3. I'm sorry if I can't see the fail, it still looks damn good!!

  4. This makes me love the Houndstooth design that much more <3


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