17 August 2012

a-England King Arthur French Tip Manicure

Today I have some very simple nail art for you. I decided to try King Arthur out on its own and it was so beautiful that I couldn't bear to put anything over it!

King Arthur is an A England polish. It is described a "tungsten, steel gray with subtle diamond shimmer." And it really does have a lovely shimmer, but it is hard to see unless you are in direct light.

Here I have a simple black line (Sinful Colors Black on Black) to make it an elegant French manicure.

With the black tip, it looks like I have a matte top coat on the King Arthur, but that is just the formula of the shimmer! I think it looks pretty elegant.

And since I am incapable of making straight lines, I achieved this style using regular Scotch tape.


  1. Wow, this is totally awesome. I love the subtle shimmer and the black tips! Amazing job!

  2. Preciosas!! Elegantisimas para un día de invierno,muack

  3. It looks gorgeous, a classis revisited in a more hardcore mode. It sure rocks!

  4. Oooh I love it! Great color combo, I think it looks elegant too :)


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