21 August 2012

Essie Stylenomics Collection Don't Sweater It With Stripes!!

I got a few bottles from the new Fall 2012 Essie Collection and today I have a beautiful neutral brown to show you all.

This beauty is "Don't Sweater It" - layered here over China Glaze Platinum Silver. I used striping tape to create the lines.

Although the color came out SLIGHTLY darker than I expected, it is a beautiful Fall color and it is very opaque (Above is just one coat over my CG base!)

I think this photo is not as color-accurate as the first, but I wanted to show you how creamy the formula is. It almost has a grayish purple tint to it, so it's not just your average brown.

What do you think of this color? Perfect for the Fall, or what!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks ;) I figured it was great for a job interview or something like that!

  2. what a gorgeous shade! I have a thing for warm grey tones or muted browns. Love that you added the simple stripes - so fitting! :D

    1. Yeah I'm glad I added the stripes, they are so simple and fun. And this is my first brown so I am happy :)

  3. this mani looks great for fall! I'm so excited to receive my 4 minis I bought from this collection :)

  4. Such a classy color! I haven't checked out the Stylenomics collection yet, but I need to soon!

  5. Love this Essie color! Beautiful!


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