28 April 2015

SOUFEEL Charm Bracelet Review + Matching Nail Art


Hey guys! I'm really excited about today's blog post because it's a bit different from my usual content. I received a beautiful charm bracelet from SOUFEEL to review, and I decided to do some matching nail art to go with it.

For those of you who do not know, SOUFEEL is an international jewelry brand known for their customizable sterling silver charm bracelets. I had so much fun picking out my favorite charms for my own bracelet, but there are a ton of different styles to suit anyone. Read on to see my picks and get a 5% discount for your own charms!

I have to start off by mentioning this adorable packaging! The bracelet box was so cute and elegant (and it happened to match my manicure as well), so I couldn't resist snapping a photo of it. But what was inside was even prettier:

As I mentioned before, the SOUFEEL charm bracelet is completely customizable, down to the actual bracelet - you can choose several different styles in sterling silver or leather. I chose to stick with this sterling silver starter bracelet for an elegant finish.

I chose charms that spoke to me directly - my favorite color is blue, so of course I had to incorporate that, as well as a starfish charm to represent my love of the ocean, a cancer zodiac symbol charm for my birthday, and a snowflake charm because I love winter and the holiday season. Here are the specific charms you see, counterclockwise from the left:

Sterling Silver Blue Rose Clip (I've got two of these! I love the little gem in the center)
Eiffel Tower Charm (it appears as if this one is no longer available, unfortunately)
December Birthstone Lake Blue Crystal (I've got two of these as well!)

I know I wasn't born in December, but I just love the color of the December birthstone so much that I had to add it! I love having a theme to my charm bracelet, but the fun of customization is that you can have as many different colors and styles as you want! All the charms I chose are 925 sterling silver.

You would think that with all those charms, this bracelet would be pretty tight on the wrist, but I found that it fit me perfectly! (You can choose the size of your bracelet based on your wrist measurements.)

And of course, I had to do some matching nail art for this beautiful bracelet:

I started off with a base of KBShimmer Eyes White Open and sponged on a light blue gradient (to match my beautiful blue charms, of course) with Color Club Factory Girl. Then using Skinny Straight Tape from What's Up Nails, I created a center stripe with Cirque Memento Mori, and added on Glam Polish WHAM! in the center. I finished it off with some glossy top coat (although strangely, it looks like I added a matte finish in my photos!)

From the side view, you can really see that insanely gorgeous sparkle from WHAM!. I'll have a review of it soon, so keep an eye out!

Of course, I had to take some photos of the bracelet in my lightbox as well - isn't it strange to see me posting photos from outside? I do love them, though! (Maybe more to come? Let me know what you think!)

If you're thinking that this bracelet looks a bit familiar, you're right - the SOUFEEL charm bracelet is pretty similar to Pandora charm bracelets, although at a fraction of the price. (I took a quick look on Pandora's website and saw that their charms alone were up to $400 USD each, whereas SOUFEEL costs as little as $12.95 USD for 925 sterling silver charms. In fact, all of the charms you see on my bracelet were less than $30 each!)

All SOUFEEL charms do fit on Pandora bracelets, too, so they are a great gift for anyone who already has a charm bracelet.

Overall, I am completely thrilled with my bracelet and all of my charm picks. I think the most exciting part about having this bracelet is that now I can pick and choose any charms to add to it at any time, and take off charms as I see fit! (There are a ton of new arrivals on SOUFEEL for Mother's Day, as well as a 75% off sale, so I will definitely be taking advantage of that!) You can even make customized charms using your own photos.

Could I be any more obsessed with that cancer charm? I'm in love!

In addition to all of the great Mother's Day deals, SOUFEEL has generously offered my readers a 5% discount with the code "Kelli5", as well as free international shipping on all orders over $50 USD and a free starter bracelet on orders over $99 USD. SOUFEEL bracelets and charms can be purchased at their online store here.

What do you think of my gorgeous new bracelet? Which charm is your favorite?


  1. The bracket is gorgeous! Love that you can customize it with so many different charms.

  2. I've always wanted a bracelet like this! Love the manicure you did to match as well!

  3. This mani is simple but still so cute, I love it! :)


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