13 September 2014

Renaissance Cosmetics Fall 2014 Microglitters: Swatches and Review

It's finally the weekend, which means it's time to relax and unwind (and play with more new autumn nail polishes!) Anyway, today I have three more polishes from Renaissance Cosmetics to show you. Last week, I showed you the fall 2014 shimmers, and today I have three gorgeous fall microglitters to share. (And, I have a discount code to share with you too! Read on to see it.)

I'm calling these fall microglitters because they are new fall releases, but I feel like these can be worn year round. They are so pretty and packed with sparkle - you can even see some of that shimmer in the blurred bottles in the above photo. The formulas are so easy to work with, and those of you with shorter nails will achieve full opacity in just two coats - but I added a third for all my swatches, just for the closeups! Anyway, let's take an individual look:

Wanderlust is a gorgeous full coverage blue microglitter featuring a ton of different colored particles, most prominently blue, turquoise, green, and gold. I totally felt like a mermaid with this polish on! Wearing it on its own gives the polish more depth, but it can also be layered over a blue or black. Shown above is three easy coats with top coat to smooth out the slightly gritty finish.

Here is a closeup in the bottle and on the nail. I'm telling you, this is actually the perfect mermaid polish! I could wear it forever.

Phoebe is a full coverage purple microglitter featuring a ton of different colored particles, most notably purple, pink, and gold (with a hint of blue!). This is another gorgeous color with so much depth. Again, this could be layered over purple or black, but I wanted to wear it on its own - shown above is three coats and top coat.

You can really see all the holographic glitters in this closeup in the bottle and on the nail. Radiant orchid, anyone??

And last but definitely not least, we have Hera, a vampy full coverage red microglitter featuring a ton of different colored particles, most notably bright red, fuchsia, and darker red. Wow, I didn't expect to like this one as much as I do! It is the perfect color for fall and winter, and I love how fiery it looks on my nails. The bright red glitter particles really stand out beautifully. This polish can be layered over a dark red or black, but I wore it alone. Shown above is three easy coats with top coat.

Here is a closeup in the bottle and on the nail. I think I am in love!

Overall, I am so impressed by these colors (no surprise there!) I'm not generally a huge fan of microglitters, but I found myself drooling over these particular combinations (and wanting to do some nail art with them!) Again, the formula was incredibly easy to work with - I found that it was best to wait for the polish to dry between layers, to avoid clumpiness. And as is usual for Renaissance, these combos are just beautiful and unique.

All of these polishes are available at the Renaissance Cosmetics online shop for $9.50 USD each. And, Meghan was so generous to offer a 15% discount to my readers - just use the code nailpolishchallenge15 at checkout!

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Which of these microglitters do you like best?

These products were provided for my honest review.


  1. Wow, these are incredible!!! I like the first and third the best.

  2. Me too! Haha. They are so pretty :) Thank you!

  3. These are so pretty and sparkly! My favorite is Wanderlust.

  4. Thank you so much Kelli for the amazing swatches and reviews - both this one and the previous one! I'm drooling over the bottle shot in this one, ugh, it's so sparkly! :D

  5. I'm so glad you like them, Meghan! These polishes are just perfect.

  6. Thanks so much Lisa! And oh man, you should see Wanderlust in the sun! I wish I had the ability to take photos in natural light ;)

  7. Majorrr finger envy right now why do you have to be so perfect


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