29 April 2015

Wedding Wednesday: Subtle Stamping


Hi guys, and happy Wedding Wednesday! Today's post is coming to you as I'm boarding a plane to Las Vegas for Ashley's bachelorette party, so it seems like perfect timing to show you guys another bridal inspired look! 

I've always loved the delicate look of a white stamp over a nude base, so I went with that for today's nail art. Be warned - this strange New Jersey weather of extreme hot and cold has basically ravaged my hands, and no matter how much I moisturize, they're still looking pretty dry! I will definitely keep my Lemony Flutter on hand during my Vegas trip to bring my poor nails back to life. Anyway, here's today's look:

I started with a base of Seche Rose II and once that was dry, I stamped on a delicate floral pattern from the PUEEN Buffet Leusire collection using OPI Alpine Snow. Then, I topped it all off with some glossy top coat! Easy, right?

I do love how this turned out, even though I consider myself a novice stamper. I really should go for stamping looks more often, because when it works, it turns out looking so lovely!

Here's the plate I used for my stamping. This pattern doesn't scream "bridal", but I love the versatility of it and I know I'll be able to use this plate for a variety of different styles.

Well, that's all for today's nail art look! Even though I'll be away this week, I've got a few scheduled posts for you guys to enjoy, so stay tuned!

Polishes used:
Seche Rose II (review here)
OPI Alpine Snow


  1. Beautiful. I love light pink with white stamping. You nails look great compared to my. The winter weather here in Pennsylvania took a toll on my nails and I am constantly putting cuticle oil, butter, cream, etc. on them.

  2. Love it! I like soft and subtle stamping like these a lot :)

  3. I really love this kind of manicures and stamping!

  4. I like that subtle look. It's delicate and feminine.

  5. This is lovely! Stamping is my favourite technique and I like this simple, elegant design. Enjoy your time in Vegas! :)

  6. This is very cute! Especially for a wedding.

  7. Such a lovely manicure! Delicate and pure!


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