26 January 2015

Renaissance Cosmetics Anniversary Collection Swatches + Review

Hello all! It's pretty snowy here in New Jersey today (and we are expecting the blizzard of the century!) so I'll probably be spending a lot of time painting my nails and drinking hot chocolate! I have some gorgeous polishes to show you from Renaissance Cosmetics - their Anniversary Collection actually came out a couple of months ago, but they're being restocked this week so I figured today is perfect for sharing my swatches!

Like I said, this collection was released at the same time as the Modern Vamp Collection that I reviewed last month, but a lot of these colors seem perfect for spring! And you'll probably remember how much I love the unique combinations of Renaissance polishes - this collection is no exception. It consists of three crellies, one full coverage jelly and two microglitters, all featuring the wide flat brush that I adore. Let's take a look:

Reverie is a stunning turquoise blue crelly that features gold, red, and purple microglitters, as well as a vibrant gold shimmer. I could wear this polish all year round, but it seems especially pretty for summer, since it is so bright and cheerful. I would never expect to see such a color combination with the glitters but it is just so pretty! Shown above is two easy coats with top coat.

Here is a close up in the bottle and on the nail.

Ennui is a beautiful light gray crelly with a stunning fuchsia shimmer as well as various shades of blue and silver microglitters. Again, the color combination works so well here! If you know me in real life, you probably know that navy blue and gray are my favorite colors - so basically, this polish and I are meant to be together! It reminds me of rainclouds, but the vibrant shimmer really adds a unique touch! Shown above is three thin coats with top coat, although it could probably be opaque in two thicker coats.

Here is a close up in the bottle and on the nail. You can see tiny specks of red glitter as well!

Sprinkles is a fully opaque white crelly with a rainbow of tiny glitters, as well as some iridescent shimmer. This polish looks exactly like confetti cake, or frosting with rainbow sprinkles, and it definitely looks yummy enough to eat (but seriously, don't eat nail polish). (Does anyone remember rainbow Dunkaroos? This polish made me miss those delicious snacks!) Anyway, enough about food - this polish is so cute! Shown above is three thin coats with top coat.

Here is a close up in the bottle and on the nail - you can see a bit of that iridescent shimmer in the bottle!

Melancholia is a rich, blackened blue jelly packed with blue shimmer and gold holographic microglitter. Seriously, this polish looks like outer space to me, and it's so pretty! This would be a perfect polish to use for a galaxy manicure. Even with a jelly formula, it is fully opaque in just two coats. Shown above is two coats with top coat.

Here is a close up in the bottle and on the nail - you seriously can't look at that bottle shot and tell me it doesn't look like space!

Rapture is a silver, purple, and black microglitter that's got a lovely fuchsia shimmer and holographic sparkle. Seriously, this is such a pretty and unexpected combination of glitter! I absolutely love the black microglitter because it brings a lot of dimension to this polish. Plus, I love how easily Renaissance microglitters smooth out with just one coat of top coat. It's opaque in two thick coats, but you can layer this polish over another color for a fun look. Shown above is two coats with top coat. 

Here is a close up in the bottle and on the nail. Isn't it so sparkly?!

And finally, we have Blushing, a rosegold microglitter with hints of red, pink, and purple! Just like Rapture, you can layer this color or build it to full opacity on its own, and just one coat of top coat will make it perfectly smooth on your nails! This is such a warm color that's actually perfect for Valentine's Day. Shown above is two coats with top coat.

Here is a close up in the bottle and on the nail. You can see a bit of visible nail line here - I could have used a third coat for my swatch.

Overall, I am very impressed with these polishes in terms of color and formula, and I just love adding such unique shades to my collection. My top picks are Reverie, Ennui, and Melancholia!

The Anniversary Collection will be restocked on the Renaissance Cosmetics online shop on January 28th at 12PM EST, and the polishes will be $10 USD each. Don't forget, my readers can use the code "nailpolishchallenge15" for 15% off any order of $10 or more.

Make sure you follow their Facebook page to stay updated on new collections and future restocks.

Which of these pretties is your favorite?

*Some products provided for my honest review.

Base: Nailtiques Formula 2 Plus, available here
Polishes: listed above
Top: KBShimmer Clearly on Top, available here


  1. I love all of these! Those crelly shades in particular are calling for me.

  2. These are all so pretty! Thank you for the wonderful photos!

  3. They are all so lovely! I think Sprinkles is my favourite though :)

  4. Thanks Lisa - the crellies are amazing!

  5. This is such a gorgeous collection, and you've shown them beautifully!

  6. WOW! Amazing swatches! The more I see from this brand, the more impressed I am! I really need to order a few!

  7. All of these colors are so pretty! I LOVE Sprinkles and Reverie.

  8. Rapture and Blushing are my favorites! Beautiful!

  9. These polishes are incredibly gorgeous and unique! My favorites are the first two, reverie and ennui.

  10. You definitely do, each collection they come up with is better than the last!

  11. Yes! The formulas are amazing too <3

  12. Good picks, I LOVE those two. The crelly formula is fantastic.

  13. Ooh yes those are such pretty ones!

  14. These are stunning!!! Both the polishes and your pictures!


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