28 November 2014

Cirque Ultimate Glitter Gift Set Review and Swatches

Hello everyone! Well, Thanksgiving is officially over, which means it's finally the holiday season! And you know the best give to give on the holidays is nail polish, of course ;) Today I've got another incredible gift set to share with you from Cirque Colors - this time, it's the Ultimate Glitter Gift Set, which features eight of their most popular glitter polishes, all wrapped in a beautiful window box with a bow. Now, I've already showed you their Ultimate Luxe Gift Set and their Back to Basics Gift Set, and I was really impressed with both, in terms of packaging and product!

As expected, these polishes were stunning! I absolutely loved the glitter combinations, the formulas were wonderful, and I was really impressed with the packaging. Look at these beautiful boxes! I just love the care that Cirque takes to making their polishes look professional. I truly don't think that my photos did these polishes justice - but trust me when I say that these glitters are beautiful! The collection consists of three microglitters and five glitter toppers. Since most of them are glitter toppers, I paired them with base colors from the Back to Basics set. Well, let's take a closer look, starting with the microglitters:

Chainmail is a gunmetal microglitter that features a scattered holographic sparkle. This polish can be built up to full opacity, or layered over a base - I chose to apply it on it's own, because it's such a beautiful color! I love the blue undertone of the glitter, and the added holographic sparkle makes it really stand out. I found that the glitters did sink a tiny bit in this polish (this was the only one out of the eight glitters that did!), so I made sure to give it a good shake before applying. Shown above is three coats, paired with Holdfast™ Base Coat and Liquid Laminate™ Top Coat.

Next we have Stella, a beautiful rose-gold microglitter. Again, this color can be built to opacity on its own or layered over a similar base, but I found that this shade was so beautiful on its own. I think this polish look especially lovely on my skin tone, and I think it is elegant enough to wear to any affair! Shown above is two coats paired with Holdfast™ Base Coat and Liquid Laminate™ Top Coat.

The last of the microglitters is Ica Valley, a warm gold microglitter with a ton of sparkle. Like the other two, it can build to full opacity or be layered. I found this microglitter to be a bit thicker than the other two, so it was more opaque on the nail in less coats, and I absolutely love the color. I am obsessed with gold polish in the winter, and this color will be no exception! Shown above is two coats paired with Holdfast™ Base Coat and Liquid Laminate™ Top Coat. I should note that even though these are microglitters, I found that they did not dry with a very bumpy or textured finish - and they became very glossy with just one coat of top coat.

Onto the glitter toppers! Here we have Magic Hour, an iridescent mix of bar glitters, hexes, and diamonds. In the bottle, this topper appears to be muted and light, but over a dark base, the glitters come to life. No dabbing or fishing required - I applied this polish like any other, and the glitter payoff was nice. Shown above is one coat over Cirque Memento Mori, paired with Holdfast™ Base Coat and Liquid Laminate™ Top Coat.

Lullaby is a beautiful pastel mix of satin glitters in various sizes, including hexes, squares, and stars. This is another polish that I think truly comes to life over a dark base, since the glitters are so delicate on their own! The color combination is so beautiful and feminine, and the glitters required no fishing or dabbing - I was able to get the star glitter onto my nail with no trouble at all. Shown above is one coat over Cirque Memento Mori, paired with Holdfast™ Base Coat and Liquid Laminate™ Top Coat.

Next we have my absolute favorite of the bunch and a polish I have been drooling over since it first came out. XX is a stunning holographic mix of glitters - over 20 different kinds of glitter! - with an incredible sparkle. The unique thing about this topper is that the glitters are such a beautiful color combination - I see shades of aqua and pink and yellow, and the holographic effect is so strong. I am so glad to finally have my hands on this beautiful glitter, and it did not disappoint. The glitter payoff is incredible as well - as with the others, no fishing or dabbing is required. Shown above is one (!!) coat over Cirque Memento Mori, paired with Holdfast™ Base Coat and Liquid Laminate™ Top Coat.

Kaleidoscope is another beautiful glitter mix, featuring a classic rainbow of bright satin glitters in various shapes and sizes. This glitter would look beautiful over any color, in my opinion! There is such a variety of glitter shapes and sizes - this polish actually contains thirty different glitters. Again, no fishing or dabbing required. Shown above is one coat over Cirque Memento Mori, paired with Holdfast™ Base Coat and Liquid Laminate™ Top Coat.

And finally, we have Vectors, a black glitter topper featuring a ton of different shapes, most notable large hexes, stars, bars, squares, and diamonds - and a scattering of holographic dust, which is difficult to see over the white base. This polish has so much glitter to base ratio - be careful not to get too much glitter on your brush when applying! I applied it a bit heavily on my index finger, but was careful to use less glitter on my other nails, which I think has a nicer effect. I love the complex combination of glitters with such a simple color! Shown above is one coat over Cirque Carpe Diem, paired with Holdfast™ Base Coat and Liquid Laminate™ Top Coat.

Overall, I am really loving these polishes. All of the glitters are stunning and I can see myself using them for different occasions (and for some amazing nail art!) I think this gift set is a great deal - it's valued at $104 USD, but you can purchase the set for $80 USD on the Cirque online shop. You can also purchase Cirque in store or internationally - view their stockists here.

Make sure you take advantage of their Black Friday weekend sales as well. Today only, you can get 25% off their entire stock, and this weekend, you can get 20% off! Follow Cirque Colors on Facebook for all information on their weekend deals.

Which of these glitters do you like best? Are you planning any crazy Black Friday shopping today?

These polishes were provided for my honest review.


  1. Wouldn't it be amazing to get this as a gift?! Haha! I feel that way about all of these Cirque gift sets!

  2. gorgeous swatches and such a fun collection - I would love this as a gift.

  3. Beautiful set! I'd be happy with just that rose gold. So Black Friday shopping-- as tempted as I've been by all these awesome indie specials, all I did was take advantage of the Loft's 50% off sale, lol. I got my Christmas outfit and some new work slacks :)


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