29 November 2014

Live Love Polish: UNT Love Captain Glitter Polishes

Hi guys! Today I'm reviewing eight glitter polishes from the UNT Love Captain Collection which I got from online retailer Live Love Polish. As you may remember, UNT is a very popular brand in France and Japan. Anyway, the glitter polishes I have to show you today have a variety of different effects, are super unique (and gorgeous!), and I think you guys will really like them.

Like I said, there are eight glitters in the Love Captain Collection - four glitter toppers, one full coverage glitter, and three glitter packed crellies. The formulas on all of these were great, and I love the wide, flat brush for easy application. Depending on what you layer these polishes over, I think they could be great for any time of year! Let's start with my favorite:

Lost in Paradise is a stunning full coverage glitter in a bright blue jelly base, packed with holographic sparkle. I absolutely love this one! It reminds me a lot of OPI Get Your Number from their first textured collection a few years ago, but I found that the formula on this was easier to use. It was pretty thin, but fully opaque in two coats (probably three if you have longer nails!), and it dried to a lightly textured finish. I topped it with top coat because I just loved how sparkly it looked in the bottle! Shown above is two easy coats and top coat.

Next we have Fearless, a glitter topper featuring medium blue metallic hexes, small metallic red hexes, and silver holographic microglitters and bar glitters. I'm not usually a big fan of bar glitters, but I actually really liked this topper! I think the variety of glitters is nice, and the color scheme is a bit patriotic - I would love to rock this during the summer months. No fishing or dabbing was required for this glitter, I just painted it on like any other polish! I paired one coat over Color Club Factory Girl, plus top coat.

Mint to Be is a glitter topper featuring pale turquoise satin glitters and a light scattering of bright aqua satin glitters, all packed with light turquoise microglitters. What a pretty, delicate polish! This glitter almost looks mermaid-y to me, and I think the glitters transform over whatever base you choose, since they are so light. Again, no fishing or dabbing required for this glitter. Shown above is one coat over 100% Pure Seafoam, plus top coat.

Sand Castle is a glitter topper featuring metallic pink and matte white hex glitters in various sizes. This is such a beautiful topper, and depending on how you wear it, I think it would look perfect for any season! Over a pale color, it's the perfect winter topper - but over something bright, you can wear this all summer long. It's slightly reminiscent of OPI Let's Do Anything We Want!, but I think this glitter is more wearable because it doesn't have the large square glitters. It does dry to a rough finish, but top coat can easily fix that. Shown above is one easy coat over Essie I Pink I Can with top coat.

Silver Lining is a glitter topper that's packed with bar glitters in silver, pink, and white. I think this is the first time I have ever used a full bar glitter topper - as I mentioned, I'm not a huge fan of bar glitters, but I can totally see how people like these! It almost looks feathered on the nails, and the bars are short enough to lay nice and flat on the nail without poking out. I may like these bar glitters after all! No fishing or dabbing required, as with all of these glitters. Shown above is one easy coat over Essie Urban Jungle, plus top coat.

Onto the crellies! Treasure Trail is a light brown crelly packed with matte black hexes in various sizes for a speckled effect. I totally missed out on the speckled trend when it was big, but I absolutely love this effect! This color almost reminds me of cookie dough. Shown above is three easy coats - although I definitely could have gotten away with two - plus top coat.

Next we have Thrilled to Bits, a chartreuse green crelly packed with matte black hexes in various sizes for a speckled effect. Again, I think this effect is so cool! Personally, I don't think this shade of yellow/green flatters my skin tone as a full manicure, but I think it would make for a cool accent nail to spice up a plain black mani! Shown above is three easy coats plus top coat.

And last but definitely not least, we have Risk Taker, a bright purple crelly packed with matte black hexes in various sizes for a speckled effect. This is my favorite speckled crelly of the bunch because I just love that shade of purple - it looks like an awesome bird egg! Shown above is three easy coats plus top coat.

I really am liking UNT as a brand - they have great formulas and their colors are generally so unique and exciting! You can purchase these polishes from Live Love Polish for $8 USD each - but you can get an extra 10% your entire order off with the code INEEDMORENAILPOLISH!

What do you think of these glitters? Which is your favorite?

These polishes were provided for my honest review.


  1. Some great polishes from this line. They do some fun looking glitters and those crellies look fantastic too.


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