18 June 2014

Incoco Nail Polish Strips: Metropolis Collection Review

Hi all, I hope you had a nice weekend! I'm so happy to see the weather starting to get warmer and nicer, and I'm really enjoying my time outside. But of course, I still have time to do my nails! Today I'm going to be showing you a couple of styles from the Incoco Metropolis Summer Collection.

For those of you who don't remember my first review, Incoco is a brand that creates nail polish appliques made of real nail polish that you peel and stick to your nails for an easy manicure - no polish is required! (Also, you should note that although I am holding nail polish bottles in my photos, I did not use them for these nail art designs, I just think my photos look bare without a polish in hand!)

Backstage Beauty is a silvery white nail strip with words splattered across it in bright neon gradients. I really like the style of this one - it reminds me of a first-class vacation! I think I've gotten the hang of using nail art strips by now, so it was easier for me to apply. No base or top coat used for this mani!

Happy Hour is a solid peachy creme nail polish strip that requires no polish. This is the first time I've tried a nail strip in a solid color, and I don't think I'm a huge fan of it - the color seems a little sheer, and you can see my nail line under the strip. (I probably should have buffed my nails before trying this strip, because you can see all my ridges as well!) But, for those of you who aren't perfectionists like me, this is a great way to slap some color onto your nails without needing any dry time. No base or top coat required!

And finally, we have Modern Muse, another silvery white based nail art strip with cool-toned watercolor striped patterns on each nail. Again, I found this one to be a bit sheer, and I think the effect would look a bit nicer if I started with a white base coat. I do love the pattern, though! As with the others, no base or top coat necessary.

I've tried out a fair amount of nail polish strips since I got my first set of Incoco decals, and I find that although the patterns are awesome (and you have so many options), these strips are a little tougher to apply than I originally thought - there's definitely a learning curve. But, as far as wearability goes, Incoco has the other brands beat - since this is real nail polish, these strips don't come off by peeling. You'll have to use nail polish remover!

You can purchase these summer nail polish strips at the Incoco online shop for $8.99 USD for patterned strips, and $7.99 for solid colors. Be sure to follow Incoco on Facebook for news and updates.

What do you think of these nail art strips? What brands have you tried?

These products were provided for my honest review.

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  1. What fun design these are! Its nice to see that they do solid colors too.


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