20 June 2014

Limited Edition Summer Nail Polish Subscription Box: Sweet Addictions Review

Hi all! Here in the USA, summer is finally starting, and with that comes lots of fun, summery nail polishes for us! Today I'm reviewing a limited edition nail polish subscription box filled with exciting patriotic products, released by Cupcake Polish - a brand known for their awesome holographic polishes.

This "Sweet Addictions" subscription box comes with two polishes - one from Cupcake Polish, and one from Aly's Dream Polish - as well as a cuticle oil from Sweet Baby by Donna. I'll show you the polishes first:

America the Beautiful is the contribution from Cupcake Polish; it's described as a berry red linear holo with added red sparkle. This was my first time trying this brand, and I really liked the bottle (and that cute little label!). Formula was great - it went on smoothly without any trouble, and the color is really nice. Shown above is two coats with top coat.

Patriotic Blue is the contribution from Aly's Dream Polish, and it's described as a true-blue scattered holo, mixed with blue and silver bar and square glitters. When I saw this polish in the bottle, I wasn't sure how it would translate onto the nail, since I've never seen a holographic polish with glitters in it. The end result is pretty, but I think the glitters do get lost in the polish a bit. Again, this is my first time trying this brand, and I was impressed with the formula. Shown above is two easy coats with top coat.

Here are some macro bottle shots of these two polishes. You can see all the glitters that are featured in Patriotic Blue here - I'm sure with a bit of placement, you can get these to show up nicely on your nails! Also, I love that secret red sparkle in America the Beautiful. It really adds that extra something to the polish.

This box also came with a full sized cuticle oil from Sweet Baby by Donna:

Sweet Freedom is a full sized limited edition watermelon scented cuticle oil with a roller ball tip for application. This is my first time trying this brand, and I fell in love instantly! I really enjoy cuticle oils that aren't too "oily" - cuticle oils that I can put on right before I take my photos with no issue. I used this oil before both of the photos you see above, and it made my skin look baby soft without any greasy shine. I think the cuticle oil smells like Jolly Ranchers or some kind of watermelon candy, and this cuticle oil is vegan and soy/nut free, but I wouldn't recommend eating it! (It doesn't taste as good as it smells.... not that I tasted it on purpose...... Haha!)

This box will be available from the Cupcake Polish website on June 25th for $30 USD, with worldwide shipping. I thought the price seemed a bit steep at first, but I think all of these products are high quality (and based on other products from these sellers, they would probably sell for more than $10 USD apiece alone.)

These polishes (and this limited edition cuticle oil) will only be available in this subscription box, and there are a limited amount of boxes.

Are you going to purchase this box? Which product do you like best?

This subscription box was provided for my honest review.


  1. This looks like a nice box. That holographic shade is to die for!

  2. You totally tasted it on purpose. This looks like a great box! Really loving that true blue shade.

  3. I so need that cupcake! loveeee it!


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