09 January 2014

Spring Brushstroke Nail Art

So, in attempt to keep my mind off this ridiculously cold weather we've been having in New Jersey, I decided to do some spring nail art using the Mint Polishes I reviewed last week.

I used OPI Alpine Snow as a base, and then, using almost no polish on the brush, I swiped on Mint Lavender Macaron, Original Mint, and Tart. The combination of these colors makes me think of Easter!

This style of nail art is just so easy and fun! I want to try it with bolder color combinations as well. I imagine swiping some gold and dark colors would look amazing.

And yes, I am still suffering from a broken nail on my index finger, but I am pleased to see that it is growing out. Hopefully by next week I will be able to review some of the gorgeous polishes I have waiting for you guys!

How's the weather where you live? Last night, it was 8 degrees Fahrenheit outside here, but the wind made it feel like it was below 0!

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