06 January 2014

OPI Ski Slope Sweetie Swatch and Review

Hi guys! So, I have some bad news - I broke a nail on my swatching hand, so I will have to hold off on the nail art challenge and swatching polishes that I was sent to review. But, I didn't want to just totally ditch my blog for the week, so I figured I will stick to simple swatches and nail art for you! Today I am showcasing another polish that my lovely boyfriend got me for Christmas - I was going to do nail art with it, but I just love it so much on it's own.

OPI Ski Slope Sweetie is one of those polishes that's just difficult to describe. It's a sheer white polish with a golden shimmer, but it shines almost blue in some lighting situations. Shown above is two coats without top coat - it doesn't have a high gloss, and I love the almost satin finish.

I am so in love with how multidimensional this polish is. It reminds me of how snow looks when the sun is just starting to set, when the rays shine on the snow and make it sparkle!

And here we can see how terribly awful my break is (on my index finger!) I hope it doesn't take too long to grow out!

Anyway, what do you think of this polish? Isn't it beautiful?

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