12 January 2014

Polish Me Silly Thermal Swatches!

Hi guys, today I have some thermal color changing polishes from Polish Me Silly. I'm super excited because believe it or not, these are the first color changing polishes I have ever used. And I am in love! These polishes change color with the temperature - so when your fingers are cold, it's like wearing a totally different polish.

A note about the formulas - I have never used thermals before, so I am not sure what the standard is, but these polishes were insanely easy to apply! Each swatch only took two coats, and required no fishing or dabbing for glitters. It was also really cool to watch the color change while I was applying, since the polish was cold in the bottle and warm on my nails.

Well anyway, here they are:

First up is Misty River, a lavender polish when cold, and a soft blue when warm. Here it is in it's cold state. You can see there's tons of different sized blue and purple hex glitters in here, as well as some purple microglitters. This is two easy coats with top coat.

Here is Misty River in transition from warm to cold. It looks like an awesome gradient, but with no effort.

And here it is in it's warm state! Didn't I say it looked like a completely different polish? I'm obsessed!

Next we have Pinky Swear You're A Star, a hot pink when cold, and bright white when warm. It has tons of neon blue, pink, and green hex glitters. This polish also features neon green and pink star glitters, but I didn't get any on my nails for the swatch. Again, this is two easy coats with top coat.

Here it is in transition from warm to cold.

And here it is in it's warm state!

And last but certainly not least is Sizzling Sunset, a peachy pink when cold, and pale yellow when warm. This polish also has various pink, orange, and yellow glitters - even yellow square glitters! As with the others, this formula was super easy and required two coats with top coat.

Here it is in transition from warm to cold.

And here it is in it's warm state.

These polishes are especially cool for people with longer nails - I imagine it'll look like a constant gradient, with the warmth from your fingers and transitioning to cold from the free edge!

Alright, so I'm pretty much in love. I wish I had this whole collection! When I first put them on, I couldn't stop running my hands under cold and hot water to watch the color change, and sent videos to all my friends. I honestly don't think I could pick a favorite out of this bunch, they're all great colors. Which one do you like best?

You can buy them on the Polish Me Silly Etsy shop for $10 USD per bottle, and follow them on Facebook for news and updates.

*These polishes were sent for my honest review.

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