16 January 2014

Zoya Dream and Stamping Skittlette

Hi guys! Sorry it's been a couple of days - after my nail finally grew back, I cut a finger on my swatching hand. It looks pretty bad, but nothing a little Photoshop can't fix! Anyway, today I have a skittlette using a few new polishes and a new stamp, too! (You can find out more about skittlette manicures here.)

On my index and middle nails, I used Zoya Dream, which is a stunning blue scattered holographic polish with so much depth. For the stamping, I started with a base of Alpine Snow and stamped BM 223 with Essie Licorice. And on my pinky nail, I painted on OPI 4 In The Morning, which has a matte finish, but I finished it with top coat for this manicure.

Here is a macro shot of Zoya Dream. This is two coats, but it looks endless, doesn't it? In the sunlight, it is so sparkly! I am so glad I have this polish in my collection now. It's a definite favorite.

I love this combo! You can tell on my pinky finger where I (tried to) Photoshop out my cut. Let me tell you, I am not looking forward to taking this manicure off (and getting acetone in that cut!) But this manicure is so beautiful, it's worth keeping on for a few days ;)

What do you think of this skittlette?


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