27 January 2014

Pahlish All of Time and Space Collection Swatches

Hi guys, today I have a couple polishes from Pahlish's new Doctor Who themed collection, "All of Time and Space." This brand is new to me, and I am already really impressed with them based on these two gorgeous colors! Photos don't really do them justice, so be sure to check out my macros for a better look. Let's get started:

So Not Married! is a gorgeous blackened duochrome shimmer that shifts from dark pink to gold and is filled with gold flakies. I love the look of this polish! It is so unique and the light really catches it beautifully. Shown above is two coats. It dried to a slightly matte finish, which I really liked.

Here is a close up on the nail and in the bottle. Isn't it so pretty?

Forest of the Dead looks at first glance to be a simple dark green shimmer, but it's actually packed with copper and irridescent green flakes as well. I loved this one too! This is another polish that looked beautiful in the light. Shown above is two coats.

Here is a close up on the nail and in the bottle. I don't watch the show, but I love the name of this polish, and I think it's totally appropriate - this polish looks like an ominous forest!

I was really impressed with both of these polishes and the application for both was fairly easy. I especially love the gold flake effect on So Not Married! and I think it looked gorgeous on the nail. Removal (as expected of glitter packed polishes) was slightly difficult, but nothing a little acetone couldn't fix!

Both of these polishes are available on the Pahlish website here for $9 USD each, and don't forget to like them on Facebook for news and updates.

These polishes were provided for my honest review.

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  1. I so badly want some Pahlish.. these swatches are making me drool!


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