09 December 2013

HB Beauty Bar Review: Nanacoco Classic Polishes

Hi all, today is my much overdue review of some Nanacoco polishes I received from HB Beauty Bar. I've already reviewed some of their foil shades here, but today I have some of their basic polish line colors. These polishes apply beautifully, have great formulas, and they are available for just $3.00 a bottle! (And you will find a discount code at the end of this review, too!)

First up, we have Romantic Cruise, a baby blue cream that (despite the name) looks perfect for winter! Shown above is two coats. This is a definite favorite out of the polishes I am showing you today. As simple of a color as it is, I didn't have any like it in my collection, so you will definitely be seeing it in some nail art.

Mediterranean is a minty green cream. Shown above is three coats, and it went on a bit patchy, but it evened itself out without topcoat! This is another polish I can see myself using a lot for nail art.

This pale orange cream is called Love Me Tenderly. It reminds me of orange sherbert, almost! However, the photo looks slightly peachier than the polish - it is definitely more orange. Shown above is three coats.

And, last is a super bright pink polish called Florida Chick! This color was extremely hard to capture, and I find that it is less of a "hot" pink and more of a neon than the photo shows. I have to say, most bright neon colors like this are extremely difficult to apply, but I found that this one was very easy! Shown above is two coats.

You can get all of these colors and a ton more basic polishes from HB Beauty Bar - and as promised, you get a discount code! Use the code POLISHCHALLENGE10 at checkout for 10% off your entire order. HB Beauty Bar has a great selection of polishes, from Zoya to China Glaze to OPI, and they even sell Seche Vite!

Which of these colors is your favorite?

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