07 December 2013

31DNAC Day 26: Inspired By A Pattern

I am finally all caught up with the nail art challenge! Today's prompt is "inspired by a pattern," so of course I went to Google for inspiration! I found this vector pattern which I totally loved, but unfortunately, when I clicked on the photo, I got bounced to another website, so I can't credit the original artist. But anyway, I decided to recreate it on my nails!

Although the pattern I was inspired by is red, I decided to go with a pink color scheme for my nails. For my index and pinky, I used China Glaze Dance Baby, which I love because it's a soft pink, but it leans blue. On my middle and ring finger, I used a base of OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls and acrylic paint to draw the flower pattern. I know it's a bit bright and summery for this time of year, but I just loved that pattern!

I'm glad to finally be caught up. I have really enjoyed this challenge so far and I am in the final few days of it, which is a thrill, since I have never been able to complete it before. What's your favorite challenge manicure so far?

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