06 September 2013

31DNAC Day 3: Yellow Nails

Hi all! For today's yellow nails, I decided to give some love to a polish in my collection that doesn't get much attention. It's OPI Don't Talk Bach To Me, and it's a weird yellowish greenish color with just the faintest silver shimmer. It was part of last Fall's OPI Germany collection, and I always thought it was a cool color, but I didn't have too much use for it. Well, today I do!

Alright, so maybe it turned out a bit greener than expected, but I still like it! I decided to pair this color with OPI Get Your Number, which is a Liquid Sand polish. The effect is really interesting! Get Your Number definitely came out looking a lot lighter than it does normally, I'm not too sure why.

Anyway, it's not perfect but I really like the color combination!

Doesn't it look yellow in the bottle? I think the pairing made this manicure look more green. But not to worry! My Day 4 manicure will be much greener!

How are you guys coming along with the challenge?

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