14 June 2013

Neon Roses and Studs.. and Some Different Photos

Today I would like to show you something I did loosely inspired by hannvjk's beautiful flower manicures. However, I am home for the weekend and since I just purchased a new camera (a Canon 60D, which is actually what I filmed my tutorials on!) I decided I'd try it out. This is my first time trying to take nail photos with it, so be nice!

I decided to use some of the neons from the China Glaze Sunsational collection (my review here) and give it some contrast by painting my other nails black and using square studs from Born Pretty Store.

I actually really like the way these photos look, but I know there's not as much detail as when I take photos using my little point-and-shoot camera with my lightbox! I guess I need to play with the settings more, and practice to get used to this big camera!

You can get a 10% discount on the nail studs or anything else at Born Pretty Store if you use the code RFL91 at checkout. They offer free international shipping and their products are great quality! I find that I can reuse the studs by soaking them in nail polish remover.

Here's a close up on the flowers I made:

My first time trying roses! Ack! Haha.

Well anyway, tell me what you think of the photos. I would love some advice on taking better quality photos with the Canon.

PS Don't forget to enter my giveaway! You could win a $20 giftcard to Born Pretty Store and get these studs for yourself ;)


  1. So pretty! I love these vintage feeling roses <3

  2. love these neon nails the colours really stand out and look even better compared to the black nails :)


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