03 June 2013

China Glaze Sunsational Neons - The Creme Collection

Hey guys, this weekend I picked up five of the six cream polishes offered in the new 2013 China Glaze Sunsational collection (the last one was out of stock!)

I loved all these colors, and I didn't have a hard time applying them (as some others have.) I found that they were easiest to apply without a base coat, to avoid having the polish build too thick. But let me tell you, these polishes were difficut to photograph! I tried my best to make them color accurate, but my hand might seem a slightly different color in each photo ;)

Anyway, here they are!

First up we have Neon & On & On, an warm orangey pink that reminds me of Flip Flop Fantasy. It applied pretty smoothly, and like the other polishes in this collection, it really pops on your nails! This is three coats.

Next we have Bottoms Up, a cooler toned pink. When I picked this up, I thought it looked like Dance Baby, but this color is much more saturated and neon. This was also three coats.

Next we have That's Shore Bright, a cool toned neon purple. I think this color is a bit more blue toned than I have showing on the nail. Here's two coats.

Next up is Too Yacht to Handle. This color gave me the most trouble out of all (it was definitely thick!) This color looks a lot like For Audrey in the bottle, but trust me, it is much brighter! Shown is two coats.

And finally, we have my favorite of the bunch, Highlight of my Summer, a pale neon green. It's strange because I usually dislike green nail polish, but this one really caught my eye. I definitely want to wear this one to the beach. This color practically glows! Shown is two coats.

Overall, I am a big fan of this collection. I think they are going to be great for summer, and I think I could even make some cool nail art with these colors! I didn't pick up the jellies because I am not a huge fan of jelly nail polish, but you can get the entire collection from China Glaze or buy them separately on their website here.


  1. It's crazy how all over the spectrum the reviews on these formulas are! Bad formula or no, I LOVE this collection

    1. I can see what people meant. These polishes were pretty thin. But I happen to prefer thinner polishes so you can add more coats!


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