30 June 2012

My First Try At Laser Manicure

My mom bought a bunch of new red polishes for her summer collection, and I was playing around with them and found this color from Sinful Colors. I forgot the name of it but it is almost an orange-red and I thought it would work well for a Laser Tape manicure. Of course, I don't own striping tape so I had to use scotch tape, and here was the result:

This is the only photo of this manicure that looked somewhat decent, I'm having a lot of trouble with getting any sort of quality in my photos even though I have a light box and an actual camera! I guess I need practice.


  1. Wooo,que contraste mas chulo! Me gusta!!!

  2. What kind of camera do you have? I'm looking to buy one and want some feedback on different brands. So what are your thoughts of the one you have? Would it be one that you would recommend?

  3. This is a lovely manicure! I think I might need to settle with scotch tape too. I don't even know what stripping tape are used for!
    I was thinking of doing that, but instead of red, I want it to be rainbow! I don't even know what stripping tape are used for!

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