27 June 2012

Holographic Nail Polish (and apology!)

Hey guys, I know it has been over a week since I have posted! Work has been keeping me so tired so I tend to fall asleep as soon as I'm home - but I still have had time to paint my nails, just not to post about it.
Last weekend I bought a holographic effects Layla nail polish from Sephora - I chose Mercury Twilight, the "silver" of the collection.

I have heard from other bloggers that you shouldn't use base or top coat, so this was just two coats of the polish alone. It suggested I buff my nails first, which I did, but I used my own instead of the Layla buffer I would have had to purchase with it.

Here it looked in indirect light -

Doesn't seem too impressive, right? Just your run of the mill silver. BUT WAIT!

Here is the nail polish with "direct sunlight" (to be perfectly honest, there was no direct light so I just used flash and it didn't give it the full effect but you get the point) -

I know this is not the best quality photo of holographic nail polish, but it chipped by morning so I couldn't take more photos.

On the plus side, next Monday is my 21st birthday so I might have to do something super exciting for it!

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