04 July 2012

Happy Fourth of July Nails!

So! Monday was my 21st birthday! I was going to paint something special on my nails but I decided to just go for holographic because I knew they would get messed up anyway O:)

Anyway, happy Fourth of July!

Today's manicure is (obviously) inspired by Independence Day - I decided to go for a bit of a skittle manicure. My thumb which I could NOT get a good photo of, was blue with silver fireworks. The pointer finger is a red white and blue water marble, my middle finger is a simple blue, my ring finger is red and blue fireworks over white, and my pinkie nail is red with red glitter top coat!

I used American Apparel for the blue and Confetti for red, but I forget the names of them, and the white was ORLY French Tips. The red glitter was some nameless polish I bought a while ago in PacSun.

Here you can faintly see my thumb! I also added some glitter to make it different.

Hope you all get to see some fireworks tonight ;)

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  1. Wooo,que bonitas! Que colorido mas alegre... :D


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