17 June 2012

Pink Houndstooth Gradient Nails

I know I have been slacking lately I'm sorry! I just get so tired after work that I barely have time to paint my nails, haha. Today I have a fun manicure to show you guys - I decided to practice my gradients, and also practice some stamping! Here is what I came up with -

I started with OPI Sparrow Me The Drama, a light pink. Then I sponged on the hot pink, China Glaze Designer Satin. Then I topped it with a BM19 stamp, in Sinful Colors Black on Black.

I also did some clean up with an angled eyeliner brush, which I think made it look a lot cleaner and I think I should start doing it with all my manicures!

What do you think? Personally I love it, and I think the stamp translated well. I know I need to practice with my stamping skills though!

Here is a more detailed photo of what the nail looks like.


  1. Love the angled eyeliner brush idea for clean up! I am playing with stamping also. Do you do a clear coat first so you can take off the stamp with remover and qtip if you mess up? I found that helps. I hate to have to start all over! I also like your nail blog tips. I'm working on a blog with mainly Zoya swatches and going to add in some nail art. Its been fun so far.

    1. I used to top it off with a clear coat before I stamped, but nowadays I get too impatient! Haha!


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