13 June 2015

HB Beauty Bar: China Glaze Electric Nights Swatches, Part 1

Hi everyone! I know I'm a bit behind on sharing this collection with you, but I am just so excited to show off the first half of the China Glaze Electric Nights Collection that I got from HB Beauty Bar. This collection consists of 9 cremes and 3 neon glitter toppers, and today I'll be showing you five of those cremes and one topper.

Aren't they so bright and absolutely perfect for summer?! I should note that all the cremes glow under blacklight - unfortunately, I don't have a blacklight bulb so I couldn't show photos of the change. Anyway, the formulas on all of these were so fabulous - I didn't even need top coat for my swatches! Let's take a closer look:

Treble Maker is a cool toned neon green creme. Seriously a perfect summer color, and amazing for nail art! Shown above is two easy coats, no top coat.

DJ Blue My Mind is a medium sky blue creme. Again, a perfect formula on this one and the color is just gorgeous. Shown above is two easy coats, no top coat.

Plur-ple is a super bright purple creme with an almost jelly-like consistency. I actually used this one in my recent springy brushstroke nail art look - and I fell in love! I'm absolutely obsessed with cool toned purples, and this one is no exception. Shown above is two easy coats without top coat.

Glow With the Flow is a classic light neon pink creme, definitely a barbie color. At first glance, this one didn't seem terribly unique to me, but once I applied it, I could definitely see the appeal - the color is so bright, and with such a nice formula! Usually colors like this tend to have a semi-matte finish, so I was thrilled with the glossy finish. Shown above is two easy coats, no top coat.

Red-y to Rave is a super bright neon traffic-cone orange creme. (Definitely orange, not sure why they made a "red" pun in the name!) Either way, this color is a great bright summery color if you love orange! I can definitely see myself using this one for nail art. It was slightly more sheer than the others - shown is three easy coats without top coat.

Finally we have the glitter topper - Point Me to the Party is an awesome glitter topper packed with satin neon orange, blue, pink, and green hex glitters in various sizes. I absolutely love this one! The glitters totally pop over any base color - I think it would look especially cool over white, but I loved it over DJ Blue My Mind. Shown above is one easy coat!

Overall, I think these colors are absolutely perfect for summer! My favorites are Treble Maker, Plur-ple, and Point Me to the Party.

The whole collection is available from HB Beauty Bar for $4.95 USD each, and you can use the code POLISHCHALLENGE for 15% off your entire order!

Which ones do you like best?

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