28 March 2015

Zoya Spring 2015 Collection: Delight Swatches + Review


Hello everyone! Today I am sharing swatches of the gorgeous new Spring 2015 shades from Zoya, called the Delight collection. This collection features six gorgeous spring polishes - three classic cremes and three subtle shimmers.

As usual, the formulas on these are easy to use and the colors are beautiful! Since they are on the lighter side,  most of these polishes took three coats to reach opacity. Let's take a look at them individually, starting with the cremes:

Tiana is described as a light pistachio creme. This is seriously such a gorgeous spring color! I know I keep saying this - I normally don't gravitate towards green, but this one has me sold! I could definitely wear this all spring. Shown above is three easy coats with top coat.

Lillian is described as a faded aquamarine creme. This might seem like your regular light blue at first, but this color is actually super unique! I love the warm undertones, but this shade is distinctly blue as opposed to a mintier color. This one only required two coats for opacity, but I added a third for consistency, plus top coat.

Eden is a classic medium pink creme. Nothing crazy new here, but the color is gorgeous and definitely a staple for this time of year. I can see myself wearing this one a lot as a pedicure! Shown above is three easy coats with top coat.

Onto the shimmers! Leslie is a pale lavender with a gorgeous turquoise shimmer. I absolutely love the pairing of color and shimmer here - it's unexpected but it matches so well. And the formula on this one was just perfect! Shown above is two easy coats with top coat.

Rayne is my absolute favorite of the collection - a pale blue with a beautiful turquoise shimmer. The shimmer in this one is more pronounced than the shimmer in Leslie, but it is the same gorgeous color. It just looks so pretty with that sparkly finish! It almost reminds me of Elsa from Frozen, haha! The formula on this one was slightly different and a bit more sheer. Shown above is three thicker coats with top coat.

And finally we have Daisy, a bright yellow with a lovely turquoise shimmer. Again, same shimmer as the other two, but this one is also a bit more subtle. And again this is such a unique pairing of color and shimmer but I think this works really well. Anyone who loves yellow polish will fall head over heels for this shade! Shown above is three coats with top coat.

Overall, I am surprised at how much I love these shimmers! I usually gravitate towards the cremes in a collection, but I actually think my favorites in this one are Leslie and Rayne. I also love how the shades in this collection are very springy without being on the pastel/dusty side. It is a bit disappointing that the cremes mostly require three coats - but I think those of you with shorter nails can definitely get away with using two.

These shades are available from Zoya for $9 USD each, or $54 USD for the whole collection.

What do you think of these colors? Which is your favorite?

Base: Nailtiques Formula 2 Plus, available here
listed above
Top: Nubar POLI-CURE®


  1. I really like this whole collection. The cremes and shimmers are just perfect for Spring.

  2. lovely collection! Love these colors, and the swatches are beautiful as always!

  3. I love this collection! Eden and Leslie are my favorite.


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