10 February 2015

The Digit-al Dozen Does Patterns on Patterns: Houndstooth Florals with OMG Nail Strips

Going right along with Day 2 of the Digit-al Dozen, today's pattern on pattern nail art look is florals on houndstooth print! I achieved this look using nail stickers from OMG Nail Strips as a base, and painting over them with polish. Read on to see my nail art look, and a review of the nail strips!

To achieve this look, I started off by using a quick coat of KBShimmer dehydrator (for the decals to stick to my nails easier!), then applying the OMG Nail Strips in the houndstooth pattern. Once those were firmly stuck onto my nail, I used a dotting tool to draw on the base of my flower with Color Club Red Handed, then filled in details with Color Club Seal It With A Kiss. I drew on little leaves using KBShimmer Honeydew List and Zoya Tilda. Then, I topped it all off with a generous coat of top coat.

I made a short (but detailed!) video tutorial on this look on YouTube.

I do love the overlay of patterns here, and I definitely think it's cool to mix mediums like this (stickers and nail polish!) I'm also really happy with how the flowers turned out - I need to do more floral manicures, don't I?!

Anyway, more about the nail strips:

As I mentioned, these strips are from OMG Nail Strips and I used the houndstooth pattern. The set comes with 14 pre-cut strips made of real nail polish - all you have to do is peel off the backing and firmly place them on your nail. Once it's stuck on, you can file your free edge to get rid of any excess. (I go over how to apply these in my video as well!) I did not use any polish or top coat for the photo above - I am holding a bottle of nail polish only because my photos look so empty without them!

These did apply very easily, although a few pieces stuck up on my nails at first, before I applied top coat (over the full design!). It's a great way to have a cool nail art design without any fussing or painting!

I did want to test these for wear, so I went out with them on my nails (along with the floral design and top coat on all ten nails), and I was disappointed to find that within an hour of doing normal work with my hands (no excessive water use, no picking or prodding at the strips), a few stickers had completely popped off my nails, and others were peeling. I tried to fix this by adding base coat and sticking the strips back onto my nails, but then they looked lumpy. It's really a shame because I was so happy with my design, I wanted to wear it for a few days!

I have seen a ton of positive reviews on these strips though, and I do wonder if them peeling off so easily might have anything to do with the amount of polish and top coat I had applied over them. Well, I have another set to try out, so I will test those for wear and report back to you guys.

Despite the wearability issue, I thought these looked so cute on my nails. Next time, I will just apply the strips as instructed to see if they last longer. Do you have any experience with this brand of nail strips? I would love to hear your experience with them!

You can purchase this set on the OMG Nail Strips shop for $7.99 USD.

Here are the polishes I used for the floral nail art look. You might remember my recent nail art look using the two Color Club shades, which I will be reviewing soon. You can find my review of the KBShimmer shade here, and the Zoya shade here.

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*Some products provided for my honest review.

Dehydrator: KBShimmer pH Balancing Pre-Polish Nail Treatment, available here
Nail Art Strips: OMG Nail Strips in Houndstooth, available here
Color Club Red HandedColor Club Seal It With A Kiss, available here
KBShimmer Honeydew List, available here
Zoya Tilda, available hereTop: KBShimmer Clearly on Top, available here


  1. The Dalai Lama's NailsFebruary 10, 2015 at 11:56 AM

    wow, these look great! I've never tried nail stickers like that before - they look great and easy to use!

  2. This is the best use of houndstooth ever!

  3. What a creative way to use these wraps; so pretty!

  4. These are so pretty, i love the contrast of the red against the b&w. Too bad about the wear time tho, hopefully they'll work better without tc.

  5. I love the how the whimsical roses play off the straight laced houndstooth pattern!

  6. You had me at houndstooth. Perfection!

  7. This is perfect! Just. Perfect!

  8. These are wonderful. That houndstooth is amazing!

  9. A Girl and Her PolishFebruary 14, 2015 at 1:55 PM

    Those roses are the perfect accent to the houndstooth!

  10. Thanks! I wish I could paint something like those, hehe.

  11. Ooh, I love your description! LOL! Thank you!

  12. Thanks Shelly! Yeah next time I will definitely try them without TC.

  13. Definitely a good thing to have on hand for double patterns week, LOL!

  14. Cool strips, but the added flowers made the mani SO much more awesome! Well done!

  15. I love the finished look here! Nail wraps hate me but you managed to make them look gorgeous!

  16. Your roses are so pretty! They look awesome over the houndstooth!

  17. These are just fabulous...a perfect interpretation of the theme! :)

  18. Those decals are awesome, but your addition is an amazing mani.

  19. I love houndstooth and I love roses - this combo is magnificent!

  20. Now this is the way to use nail strips! Gorgeous!


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