08 February 2015

NCLA Valentine's Day Heart Glitters: Swatches + Review

Hope everyone is having a great lazy Sunday today! We're anticipating more snow here in New Jersey, but I have a feeling it won't be as bad as the forecasts say. Either way, I've got more fun Valentine's Day nail polishes from you, this time from NCLA! You all remember how much I loved their last glitter topper - well, today I'm showing you two out of five of their new heart shaped glitter toppers for Valentine's Day.

The two polishes I received are a light pink and white glitter, and a red and white glitter. Since the glitters were heavy, they tended to slide off the brush easily, so I ended up placing mine with a toothpick. My biggest issue with these toppers is that because I have such rounded nail beds, the edges of the heart glitters stuck up on my nail. I imagine that these would be great for nail art for me, though! (You can check out Wondrously Polished's review of a couple of these glitters to get a better idea of what these would look like on a flatter nail bed.)

Be Mine! is a glitter topper packed with white and light pink satin heart glitters. I paired them over Essie Find Me An Oasis, and I think the soft pastel colors compliment each other really nicely! As I mentioned, I placed these glitters on my nail with a toothpick, but you can store your bottle upside down to make it easier to paint on the glitters with the bottle brush. These glitters didn't actually stick up so much on my nails, because the satin finish made them pretty malleable (After they were dry, I softly pressed them down on my nails to keep the edges from sticking up.) Shown above is one placed coat with a generous coat of top coat.

XOXO is a glitter topper packed with red and white heart glitters.  I paired this with Essie Cocktails & Coconuts. These heart glitters felt slightly thicker (and more opaque) than Be Mine!, but they were easy to grab out of the bottle and place on my nails, especially after storing the bottle upside down for a few minutes. The edges of the hearts did stick up a bit on the sides of my nails, as you can see in my pinky and ring finger. However, red and white heart glitters are so useful to have on hand for nail art. Shown above is one placed coat and a generous coat of top coat.

Here is a closer look at XOXO, in the bottle and on the brush. The photo above shows how much glitter I grabbed once the polish had settled a bit - however, like I said, you can store it upside down to have more glitters come out onto the brush.

Overall, although these glitters might be a bit too big and flat for my little round nails to wear as a full manicure, I think they're pretty good to have, and I can see myself using them a lot for accents in nail art. Since the clear base of the glitters is pretty thick, I recommend placing the glitter - with bigger shapes like this, placing glitter takes hardly any time at all and it's very easy to do on a dry nail polish base.

These polishes and more Valentine's Day glitter toppers are available from NCLA for $16 USD each.

*Some products provided for my honest review.

Base: Duri Rejuvacote, purchase here
Essie Find Me An Oasis, Essie Cocktails & Coconuts, available here (use code POLISHCHALLENGE for 15% off!)
NCLA Be Mine!, NCLA XOXO, available here
Top: KBShimmer Clearly on Top, purchase here


  1. these glitters are so cute! like both of them, and I specially appreciate that the hearts are easy to pick, and you don't need to be "fishing" them from the bottle :)

  2. These little hearts are super cute!

  3. I like them so much! it's really useful that the base is clear <3

  4. Thanks Nati! I agree, it's nice to not have to go crazy trying to grab glitters.

  5. Aren't they adorable?! Thank you :)

  6. It is a cute glitter mix but for $16 a piece?!?! That's insane!


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