24 December 2014

OPI + Gwen Stefani "Don't Speak" 18K Gold Top Coat

Hi guys! Christmas Eve is upon us, but there's still time to grab some stocking stuffers for your loved ones, right? Well, you won't want to miss this one - Gwen Stefani and OPI have teamed up for a new collection this season, which includes a special edition 18K gold top coat. And I was lucky enough to get this topper from HB Beauty Bar to show you all!

This special edition topper comes in a gorgeous gold chrome bottle and of course, some fancy packaging! I found that this polish was different from other gold flakes I have tried, because this one includes some holographic gold shimmer as well. The formula was great (what else would you expect from OPI?!) and it was easy to apply. Let's take a look:

I couldn't decide if I wanted to wear this topper over red or black, so I decided to make a gradient where you could see it over both colors! I started with a base of Essie Jump in My Jumpsuit (which I reviewed here) and then sponged on Nanacoco Love Black. I topped them off with OPI Don't Speak.

I am totally in love with this combination! You can't really see the holographic sparkle unless you are in direct light (you can see it most on my middle nail in the above photo, but also some faint sparkle on my ring finger).

This manicure was originally going to be what I wore for Christmas because I just love how elegant it looks. I actually might just reapply it for tomorrow!

Here is a visual of all the polishes I used. All of them are from HB Beauty Bar. Don't forget, you can use the code POLISHCHALLENGE for 15% off your entire order, even on the gold top coat!

Overall, I do like this gold top coat. I think it's a wonderful less expensive alternative to some of the other gold flake top coats I've seen - it's only $24.95 USD from HB Beauty Bar! - and I think this bottle is a great collector's item for any nail polish lover.

What do you think of this topper?

*Some products provided for my honest review.


  1. This is gorgeous and I love that you've done it over a gradient! :)

  2. Looks gorgeous over that red and black gradient here. Don't own any of these gold flakie top coats but they look good.

  3. I´m very impressed, this manicure is so gorgeous! Really need this gold leaf polish!!!

  4. Nice! I love the top coat, it really makes the gradient look luxe!

  5. I wanted this SO bad for Christmas, I dropped hints to my husband for months. Did I get it? NO. But he did pick me out several nice indie polishes, so I'll let it slide..for now ;)

  6. This is gorgeous! I love that you did it over a gradient.

  7. Misunderstood PhilanthropistJanuary 1, 2015 at 9:50 PM

    Did anyone else actually think it could be bought for $8?!?! I didn't, because no way REAL GOLD POLISH is going to be sold for $8. Pretty sure you got a special deal because you review things. And you do a very wonderful job of reviewing things, and make beautiful nail art. But that doesn't make this nail polish $8.


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