17 December 2014

Gucci Floral Nail Art with Live Love Polish

Hi guys! I'm really excited about today's nail art look - I was inspired by the gorgeous packaging from a perfume by Gucci called Flora. I got a free sample of it from Sephora with a recent purchase, and I just loved the design (bonus: it smells incredible too, but it is a bit pricey!) Anyway, here's a comparison of my nails and the perfume packaging:

Isn't the design just too cute? I was partially inspired by this gorgeous new Color Club polish that I got from retailer Live Love Polish. It's the perfect creamy pastel yellow, and it matched the floral design perfectly!

Here's the gorgeous polish in question - Color Club Macaroon Swoon. I am usually not a fan of yellow polishes, I'll admit. But I immediately fell in love with this color. It's so creamy and light, and I thought it would make a perfect base for nail art. The formula was great, and the color was surprisingly opaque! Shown above is two easy coats with top coat.

And here's a full photo of the nail art I did inspired by the Gucci perfume! I started with a base of Cirque Carpe Diem, and then swiped on some Color Club Macaroon Swoon. Once that was dry, I taped off neat lines and filled them in with Cirque Memento Mori. Then, with acrylic paint and a trimmed nail art brush, I sketched on these floral patterns. I topped everything with matte top coat!

I absolutely fell in love with this manicure as soon as I finished it. I know I always say it, but it's true that I usually stick to simple nail art - and I think it's especially awesome when I succeed at the more difficult freehand designs.

Here's another shot of me holding my inspiration! I just can't get over how perfectly Macaroon Swoon matches this packaging. I'm so glad I got it! For anyone who's interested in seeing how I created this look, you can find a quick 15 second tutorial for this manicure on my Instagram.

I do wish I could pose with the full sized bottle, but it's just a tad out of my price range, haha! I will have to make this sample last as long as possible! (But it smells so delicious, I'm not sure I can do that!) If you're interested, you can purchase Flora by Gucci here.

Here are the polishes I used. The star of the show, Macaroon Swoon, can be purchased here from Live Love Polish (and you can use the code INEEDMORENAILPOLISH for 10% off your entire polish order!). And of course, my new favorite staples for any polish addict's collection, both Cirque polishes are available here.

What do you think of this nail art look? Have you ever been inspired by another beauty product? I'd love to hear about it!

Polishes were provided for my honest review. I am in no way affiliated with Gucci (wishful thinking, ha!) 


  1. Wow... that's a pretty shade of yellow. Love this design, your flowers are amazing!

  2. That's so pretty! I love how the flower design came out.

  3. These look awesome! It looks just like them too.

  4. OUTSTANDING. Love this. Hit the nail on the head with that perfume design. This is so pretty Kelli and you definitely succeeded in this nail art! P.s get the Gucci perfume from your boyfriend. Isn't that why he's around?

  5. I love everything about your mani - the design, polish selection, love that matte on it. This is such a pretty mani.

  6. Gorgeous! I pinned - may re-create this :)

  7. Your nails are always breathtaking, Kelli!

  8. O.o I don't even know what to say! Yes, I do.. that I wish I had your talent! Such a gorgeous look.


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