22 November 2014

Habit Cosmetics Winter 2014 Swatches

Hello everyone! Today I've got a new-to-me brand to show off called Habit Cosmetics. For those of you who haven't heard of them, Habit is a brand that is very mindful of their impact on our environment - they're vegan, cruelty free, 5-free, sustainably packaged, and the bottles feature a bamboo overcap (using less plastic than most brands!) The polishes also contain Myrrh extract, which is a natural nail strengthener. If you're not sold on this brand by all of that, the gorgeous colors will definitely pull you in!

The Winter 2014 Collection features three cool toned cremes that are inspired by the ocean. This was the packaging they came in - isn't it adorable?! I love that this brand is sustainably packaged. Anyway, the polishes themselves were generally very easy to use, and the colors are absolutely stunning. Let's take a look:

Soft Focus is a gorgeous pale cool-toned lavender creme. A perfect color for any season! I normally find that lavender colors are more suitable for spring, but the cool blue undertones of this polish seem perfect for cold weather. And it's absolutely gorgeous! The formula on this was incredibly easy to work with, and self leveling. Shown above is two easy coats plus top coat.

Prairie is a greenish soft teal creme. This is another gorgeous color that I can see myself wearing year round - it's a great staple color to add to my collection. Not to mention, the formula was fabulous! Shown above is two easy coats with top coat.

And finally, we have Deep Sea, a stunning inky navy blue jelly. Colors like this are my absolute favorite to wear in the winter! This one in particular is so gorgeous and dark. In dim light it almost looks black, but you can see the rich blue tones in the light! This formula was the only troublesome one of the bunch, though - it was a bit thick and it didn't level itself out like the other two did. Nothing a generous coat of top coat can't fix though! I ended up wearing this polish for a few days (because I was just so enamored by it!) and I'm pleased to report that I found no staining, as dark colors sometimes tend to do. Shown above is two careful coats with top coat.

Overall, I really like what I've seen from Habit so far! I think these colors are so beautiful and perfect for winter. The price tag is a bit steep - these polishes are available online for $18 USD each - but I think the price is attributed to the naturally strengthening Myrrh extract, and the effort to be environmentally conscious, which is very much worth it in my opinion!

Make sure you follow Habit Cosmetics on Facebook for new collections and stocking information.

How do you feel about environmentally conscious brands? And which of these colors do you like best?

These polishes were provided for my honest review.


  1. Beautiful colors but that price point is a little steep for me :-/

  2. I know what you mean - this might be a bit expensive for some consumers! But if you think about it, it saves you the cost of buying nail strengthening treatments! That's how I see it, anyway ;)

  3. I've never heard of this brand but gorgeous colors these are!

  4. Definitely picking up Prairie and Soft Focus. They got Myrrh in it? They gave baby Jesus that when he was born so that must be awesome for my nails.

  5. Soft Focus and Prairie get my vote. And I love their bottles. I probably won't be picking any up, but I can definitely admire them from here.


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