07 August 2014

Scratch Nail Wraps Review: Isabella's Summer

Hi guys, today I'm showcasing another SCRATCH nail wrap set - this one is called "Isabella's Summer", and it's a skittle of fun summery designs.

This set comes with 16 wraps of varying sizes and patterns, as well as an orangewood stick and a small nail file for application.

So first, let's talk design: these are so cute for summer! I love flamingos, especially on nails, and the other designs are also very fun. No nail polish is required to achieve this design, just peel the nail wrap off its backing and stick it onto your nail! I chose not to add top coat this time, because my last try with SCRATCH wraps didn't go as well.

Without top coat, these wraps barely lasted more than a day, unfortunately. You can see in my photos that the design started peeling at the tips before I even got to take my photos. Maybe I am applying them wrong, but I can't imagine how that's possible!

I definitely think these wraps are best suited for a special night out (and you should apply them on the day of the event.) I didn't take a lightbox photo of my thumb, but you can see the design I picked for it on my personal Instagram page. I wish that black design fit one of my nails, but unfortunately it was too small for my thumb and too big for the others.

This set can be purchased from the SCRATCH online shop for $12 USD per set, and be sure to follow them on Facebook as they announce the release of new sets.

What do you think of these wraps? Spend or skip?

This product was provided for my honest review.


  1. They're so cute! But I don't know if I could be bothered if you only get a day out of them...

  2. These nail wraps are too cute! They look so good too.

  3. Very cute summer designs on those wraps! Sad you couldn't fit the black one to one of your nails, it looks so cute!

  4. Yeah, that's kind of how I feel about them! I've heard some top coats work well with these wraps, but I don't own any that do... :/

  5. I know, that one was totally my favorite! Thank you ;)

  6. SCRATCH has super cute designs but I had similar results when I tried my wraps. I actually tried to use a clear topcoat to see if they would last longer -- it actually shrinked the wrap! :/ That was bad...


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