11 May 2014

PUEEN Nail Art Wraps: Review

Hello everyone! Today I am reviewing some products from PUEEN Cosmetics. They might be known for their incredible stamping plates, but PUEEN has a ton of other nail art accessories, like these nail wraps! Well, let's check them out:

I got this pack of Jeweled Nail Wraps, which contains five different styles, each containing 18 stickers, as well as a nail file, an orange stick, and a cuticle pusher. Instructions are simple - just peel the sticker off the clear backing, stretch it onto your nail, and file off the excess. Ta-da! You've got a super quick and awesome manicure, no polishing or waiting required. I chose to photograph my nails holding a bottle of polish, but keep in mind that I did not need to use any to achieve these looks. If you want to use base coat to protect your nails, you'll have to wait for it to completely dry before applying the strips. Here are the five designs:

Zebra Fever is a fully opaque zebra pattern design in gold and silver. Perfect for a party night!

Bling Bling is a clear, sparkly pattern with a few flowers on each strip. I chose to layer this over my nude nails, but it would look gorgeous over a gradient for that extra dazzle.

Shot the Star is a hot pink and black swirly design - some strips are pink and black, while others are pink and clear. I chose to use only the pink and black strips for this photo, but I like the clear strips for an accent nail!

My Horoscope is probably my favorite out of the whole bunch - it is a black sparkly design with zodiac signs and constellations. This one is so pretty, I didn't want to take it off!

And finally, we have Rosy Heart, a clear design featuring swirly hearts and silver sparkly roses. Again, I layered this one over my natural nail, but it'd look great with a base color!

Overall, these nail wraps were super easy to use. I know some brands require applying heat (this one does not), and others don't stick to the nail very well, but I found these to stick wonderfully on my nail. I tested them out for a bit and I found that they didn't peel off with every day activity, either! And I just loved having an effortlessly gorgeous nail design, especially without any wait time.

This pack of five designs (with the nail file, orange stick, and cuticle pusher) is available for $12.99 USD on the PUEEN website. Be sure to like PUEEN Cosmetics on Facebook for news and updates.

These products were provided for my honest review.


  1. Wow what fun and interesting designs! I like them :)

  2. These are nice.I bought this whole set and the other set too,but was dismayed when I read they wash off with soap and water.I was going,"what? Really?" :-(

    1. I actually washed my hands with soap quite a few times with these wraps on and they didn't peel at all :) I think they mean you have to soak your hands in warm water for them to peel easily!

  3. Bling Bling is simply amazing!


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