26 March 2014

HB Beauty Bar Review: Essie Hide and Go Chic Spring 2014 Collection

So with all of this wild weather lately (it's snowing while I write this blog post!), my cuticles and hands have really suffered from serious dryness, so I have been taking it easy on posting. But I couldn't resist trying out the gorgeous new Essie Hide and Go Chic Spring 2014 Collection as soon as I got it from HB Beauty Bar! Read on to see my thoughts on the collection, and get 15% off your entire order from HB Beauty Bar:

Romper Room was the first new Essie I tried out. As soon as I grabbed the bottle, I braced myself for disappointment - pale pastel colors like this, even as gorgeous as they are, have always been a huge pain to apply. But I am SHOCKED to say that this one has an insanely easy formula! Two easy, self leveling coats later, I had this beautiful pale pink on my nails, no problem! I can't say enough good things about this formula. I don't think I've ever worked with a color this light with this good of a formula. I think I stared at my hand in shock for about ten minutes before I could even take the photo!

Spin the Bottle is a gorgeous pink leaning nude cream that I think actually flatters my skin tone very well. After Romper Room, I had high hopes for the formulas on the rest of these polishes - and I was not disappointed. Again, this photo only took two easy, self leveling coats for opaque perfection. I can see myself wearing this one to work all the time!

Fashion Playground is the perfect spring minty green cream with just a touch of irridescent shimmer. It was somewhat hard to capture in the photos, but the shimmer is definitely visible in real life! Again, this one had a great formula. Shown above is three easy coats.

Truth or Flare is a beautiful dusty sky blue cream. Nothing terribly new or original, but I could always use another gorgeous blue in my collection! I used two coats for the photo above, but looking at it now, I probably should have used three coats to reach full opacity.

Hide and Go Chic is the namesake of this collection and another stunning blue! This one also has a dusty vibe to it, but it's a few shades darker than Truth or Flare, and it's definitely rich. I love this one! I can see myself using it in a lot of nail art. Shown above is two easy coats, same great formula as the others.

And last but definitely not least, we have Style Hunter, a red hot pink cream that reached opacity with just one coat! I used two in my photo for the sake of continuity, but I was really impressed with the quality of this polish. I do think the polish looks more pink in the bottle, and more red on the nails though! (Please excuse my gray skin in this photo, in order to make the polish look color accurate, I had dull my skin color, haha!)

Overall, I think I am in love with this collection. These definitely have the best formulas of any Essie I've used - I hope this is a new trend for Essie! My top picks are Romper Room, Spin the Bottle, and Fashion Playground.

You can get all of these polishes and tons more from HB Beauty Bar for great prices - these Essie polishes are $7.50 USD each - and you can get 15% off your entire order with the code "POLISHCHALLENGE" at checkout! (What's better than an online retailer where you can get all the top brands?! An online retailer with a 15% off coupon! Woo!)

Which of these polishes do you like best?

These polishes were provided for my honest review.


  1. Great swatches! Truth of Flare such a good colour! Style Hunter is really nice too! :)

  2. Such pretty shades! I'm loving the blues!

  3. Well with such great formulas, Romper Room and Spin the Bottle just made it on my Must Haves list!

  4. Looks like a great collection. I love these colors so much and your swatches are flawless! Makes ma want to get them all :)

  5. lovely beauties but nothing i NEED to have :) you swatches are perfect <3


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