11 March 2014

HB Beauty Bar: OPI Brazil 2014 Collection Swatches

Hi guys! Today I have the OPI Brazil 2014 collection to show you, thanks to HB Beauty Bar, an online retailer with great prices on high quality nail polish. I was so excited about this collection, and I'm not disappointed - the colors are amazing, and the formulas are flawless (as usual with OPI.) The collection consists of 12 polishes, ranging from neutrals to bright summery oranges. So let's get started:

First is Don't Bossa Nova Me Around, a pale pink leaning nude cream. I am totally in love with how this polish looks on my skin tone! Three coats for full opacity, and of course the formula was perfect.

Next is Taupe-less Beach, a slightly darker neutral cream. Again, love this with my skin tone. This color reminded me a lot of Essie Chinchilly, but with a better formula. Two coats for full opacity, flawless formula.

Next is I Sao Paolo Over There, the darkest of the three neutral shades, with a slight purple hue. My photo shows it a bit more purple than it is in real life. Yet another gorgeous neutral color. Shown above is two coats for full opacity.

OPI Scores A Goal! is a dusty magenta cream that my camera just couldn't capture accurately. It is much dustier (less red) in real life, with a strong purple hue. Two coats for full opacity, as shown above.

Red Hot Rio is a bright red jelly. It looked slightly darker in the bottle than on the nails, as it's a bit sheer, but it's beautiful nonetheless. I used three coats for the photo above, which was still pretty sheer.

Live. Love. Carnaval. is a bright pink leaning coral cream. This is the perfect color for summer! Shown above is two coats for full opacity, and of course, the formula was great.

Toucan Do It If You Try is a bright orange leaning coral cream. Another wonderful summer color! Shown above is two perfect coats.

Where Did Suzi's Man-go? is a beautiful pale orange cream. It's difficult to describe this polish - it was so bright, but not your typical orange polish. It's gorgeous! Shown above is two coats, perfect formula.

I Just Can't Cope-acabana is a lemon yellow cream polish. I've never owned a yellow polish like this before, and it's amazing! It has a surprisingly great formula, and it only took two coats for full opacity.

Kiss Me I'm Brazilian is a pale neon pink cream. I didn't think this color was impressive until I tried it on, and then I fell in love! It's so bright and fun, and I love the cool leaning pink. Two coats for full opacity, great formula.

AmazON... AmazOFF is a rich teal polish with a very faint shimmer. It's difficult to see unless you're really looking at it, and some people argue that it's not visible on the nail, but I could see it when I was applying the color. It's so pretty! Two coats for full opacity, great formula.

And last but certainly not least, we have Next Stop... The Bikini Zone, a shimmery duochrome that shifts from a neutral gray to purple. This is another color that seemed bland... until I put it on. And wow! I was so in love with this polish and all the sparkle that came with it. I put two coats over Taupe-less Beach, because it's pretty sheer on its own. And I just had to take another photo, to show off the insane sparkle.

Isn't it gorgeous?! I am so surprised with myself for liking this polish so much, but I really am impressed with it.

Overall, this collection is a total must-have. I know it's early in the year, but I predict that this will be the best collection of 2014! It really has everything, and as I mentioned a billion times, the formulas are amazing. And I love OPI's classic wide brush, which makes application a breeze.

All of these colors and more are available from HB Beauty Bar for $8 USD per bottle, but you can use the code "POLISHCHALLENGE" at checkout for 15% off your entire order! They carry China Glaze, Essie, Seche, and so much more. (And they ship internationally!)

What do you think of this collection? Which is your favorite?

These polishes were provided for my honest review.


  1. What a nice collection! I really like them :)

  2. Beautiful swatches! I'm in love with this collection :)

  3. Great swatches! Live.Love.Carnaval. looks perfect for summer! AmazON... AmazOFF is definitely my favourite from this collection!

  4. I got the mini nail lacquers bundle today from my local drug store. I like the whole collection, but the one colour I'm most excited about is AmazON...AmazOFF. I think this will be my favourite.

  5. I Just Can't Cope-acabana is so cute!

  6. Gorgeous and you captured them perfectly! So jelly how those nudes look awesome on you. I'm a touch too dark. And live.love.carnaval is so pretty on you!!

  7. Gorgeous swatches! You make me wanna get them all :)

  8. Don't Bossa Nova Me Around is so elegant, it seems like the perfect base for nail art! I love how cheerful I Just Can't Cope-Acabana is :) Gorgeous swatches!


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