21 March 2014

Liquid Glam Lacquer Spring Pastels

Hi guys! Today I have some more Liquid Glam Lacquer polishes to show you. This is their new Spring Pastel collection, and it consists of four jelly polishes in an array of soft, beautiful pastel colors. These polishes can be worn alone for a delicate look or layered over white for a brighter color. I chose to swatch them alone!

Let's start with Spring Fling, a gorgeous soft pink jelly polish that reaches full opacity in four coats. I don't go for pinks too often but I love how this one looks with my skin tone. It's very fitting for spring, too! Keep in mind that these polishes do have a jelly finish, so it takes a bit to make them fully opaque. You'll have to be patient with applying them as well, because you don't want the opacity to be uneven or patchy. But they have an incredible shine, no top coat necessary!

Princess Purple is a super light lavender jelly polish that reaches opacity in three coats. Another great polish for spring, this color is delicate and gorgeous!

Dear Diary is a light sky blue polish that reaches opacity in four coats. I love this one! It took a lot of patience to build this one to opacity, but the result was beautiful. The jelly finish does take slightly longer to dry, and you should really wait between coats for it to dry.

And finally, we have Get Lucky, a minty green jelly that reached opacity in four coats. I said it before, but I will say it again - this is a great color for spring! This one seemed slightly less opaque than the others, but I think it reached opacity pretty nicely.

Overall, I am really liking this collection. I think the colors are great for the season, and I love the super high shine without top coat. I did get a bit impatient with application and drying time, though. These polishes can all be purchased from the Liquid Glam Lacquer online shop for $8 USD per bottle. Don't forget to like them on Facebookfor news and updates!

These polishes were provided for my honest review.


  1. These colors are perfect for Spring! They look amazing too :)

  2. Great swatches! These nail polishes are all perfect for spring! Get lucky is so nice! :)


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