08 February 2014

KBShimmer Valentine's Day Trio Swatches

Hi all! With Valentine's Day just around the corner, everyone is all about the pink and red polish! And this new KBShimmer Valentine's Day trio is no exception - this collection has something to offer for every nail polish lover: a holographic polish, a white crelly, and a funky glitter topper. Here are my swatches:

Whole Lava Lovin' is a gorgeous pinkish red polish with a linear holographic effect. I thought this would be my least favorite in the trio, but I was pleasantly surprised with this polish. As someone who doesn't often wear red, I fell in love with this on my nails! It caught the light beautifully, and the formula was flawless. Shown above is two easy coats over KBShimmer Basic Training base coat.

Falling for Hue is a classic white crelly with fuchsia and red glitters in various sizes. We all know KBShimmer makes awesome white crellies, so no surprises with this one. Formula was amazing, no fishing required. Shown above is three thin coats over KBShimmer Basic Training base coat and KBShimmer Clearly on Top quick dry top coat.

And finally we have the rebellious polish of the collection, U Rock My Heart. It's a clear glitter topper packed with various black and neon pink glitters, including stars, hearts, and giant hexes. This polish is totally punk rock! Since it contains larger glitters, you might want to store it upside down, but I didn;t have any trouble getting any of the shapes out of the bottle. Shown above is one dabbed coat paired with OPI You're Such a Budapest, over KBShimmer Basic Training base coat and KBShimmer Clearly on Top quick dry top coat.

Overall, I am impressed with this collection. Instead of appealing to one audience, KBShimmer has created three totally different polishes, so there's something for everyone. (Unless of course, you're a polish addict and need to have all three!)

All these polishes are available on the KBShimmer website here for $8.75 USD per bottle, or $24.00 USD for the whole trio, and be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram for news and updates.

And of course, you can find my Instagram page here, where I will also be posting all of my swatches!


  1. This is a great trio for Valentine's Day! Love your swatches :)

  2. Fantastic collection but Whole Lava Lovin' is calling my name. As always amazing swatches <3

  3. Oh wow I am not usually a fan of multi shaped glitter but I really love the combo on the last one! It really stands out. The holo of course makes my heart melt. Can't wait to see your other KBShimmer swatches.

  4. the white crelly looks amazing. omg. and who says you can't pull off red?! It looks great! I'm not a fan of glitter toppers, but you picked the right base. Great job kells!

  5. I love them all! What a perfect collection for Valentine! Love your pics!


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