06 February 2014

FUN Lacquer Love 2014 Thermal Trio Swatches

Hi guys! Today I have some Valentine's Day themed swatches from FUN Lacquer - and guess what? They're thermal! These polishes, like the other FUN Lacquers I swatched recently, did not disappoint. The formulas are amazing and I love the semi-matte finish. These thermals are so temperature sensitive that I couldn't get photos of the transition, but I was able to capture them in their cold and hot state.

First off is Purfect for Me, gorgeous shimmer packed thermal that is a deep bluish purple when cold and icy white when cold. This particular thermal is especially awesome because it actually shows a third color in transition - a lighter, warmer purple. You can actually see the beginning of the third color in my swatch above, at my cuticle. Shown above is two coats in cold state.

Here is Purfect for Me in its warm state. This polish is so gorgeous and shimmery! You can see the beginning of the third color transitioning on my index finger.

Next we have Be My Queen, another shimmer packed thermal that's a rich turquoise when cold and lighter turquoise when warm. Being as blue polish obsessed as I am, I love this color! The transition isn't as apparent as the other two shades in this trio, but it is definitely more noticeable in person. Shown above is two coats in cold state.

Here is Be My Queen in it's warm state. I love this color too - even if it wasn't a thermal, I would wear this color all the time!

And last but definitely not least, we have Secret Admirer, which is a gorgeous reddish pink when cold and a light peachy color when warm. I don't usually go for reds or pinks, but I found myself in love with this one, especially in it's warm state - the light peachy color seems like it would be work appropriate, and I loved it on my skin tone. Shown above is two coats in cold state.

Here is Secret Admirer in its warm state. Isn't it just so delicate? I'm in love! This polish has a completely different feel when it's warm!

Overall, I am loving these polishes. I can't say enough good things about the formula - despite being thermals and having a naturally thicker application, I found these so easy to apply. And the flat, wide brush makes it even easier - no cleanup required! Adding top coat to these really brings out the shimmer, but I love that they dry semi-matte.

These polishes are on the FUN Lacquer online shop for $13.00 USD each for a full sized bottle, but they are only going to be stocked one more time before they're gone forever, so grab them while you can! Honestly, I can't pick a favorite of this bunch - I say you need them all! Please remember that FUN Lacquer is shipped from Singapore, so international shipping charges may apply.

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What do you think of thermal polishes?


  1. Secret Admirer is gorgeous! Love that soft shade of pink <3

  2. these polishes are so so fantastic! great swatches!

  3. Thermal polishes are so cool! These look fantastic!

  4. These thermal polishes all look great! I cannot decided which polish I like the best! I think I need to get my hands on some of these! :)

  5. Absolutely all of these are beautiful!

    xo Glazed Over

  6. Ooh, these are beautiful! I'm adding them to my wishlist :D

  7. OOooo I had no idea these were thermals! Amazing swatches. I am in love with that turquoise one!


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