17 January 2014

Born Pretty Store Full Nail Decal Skittlette

Hi guys, today I have a review for you from Born Pretty Store, which as you all know is one of my favorite online nail art accessory stores. I got these full nail stickers for review, but since I am not a huge fan of full nail sticker manicures, I decided to make another skittlette manicure.

For this nail decal, the instructions say to place it on your naked nail, but I started with a base coat and OPI Alpine Snow, because the white squares didn't look fully opaque. Once my base color was dry, I placed the sticker on my nail and filed off the excess at my free edge. The sticker stuck really well, but I was able to adjust it a little bit before I fully pressed down.

I do think these stickers are intended for people with wider nail beds, because most of the decals were too big for my nails, and you can see at the top of my nail that the sticker is flat and wide. However, I think it looks really cute and makes a great accent nail for a skittle manicure! And, the sticker was thin, so it wasn't raised on my nail and it didn't look any thicker than the polish on my other nails, which was nice.

For my gradient nails, I started with a base of OPI Alpine Snow and sponged on China Glaze Bottoms Up, China Glaze Designer Satin, and China Glaze Seduce Me. On my pinky nail, I used OPI It's Frosty Outside.

Overall, I think the manicure is really funky and cute - in real life, the sticker isn't noticeably wider than my nail (but then again, photographing my nails up close does tend to show all my mistakes!) I didn't test these for durability, but the free edge didn't peel up easily and required acetone to remove, so I think it will last for a decent amount of time.

You can get this pattern and others at Born Pretty Store, and don't forget to use the code RFL91 at checkout for free worldwide shipping and 10% off your entire order!

What do you think of full nail stickers?

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