27 December 2013

Zoya PixieDust Carter Swatch and Review

Hi guys! Today I want to showcase my very first Zoya PixieDust polish, one of the presents I got from my boyfriend for the holidays this year. This color is called Carter, and it was released as a Fall 2013 shade, but since "Radiant Orchid" was just named Color of the Year for 2014, I figured it would be appropriate to swatch this gorgeous purple for you all.

Carter is a stunning purple textured polish filled with shimmer. It took three coats to reach opacity on the nails - this polish is a bit on the sheer side, and it requires completely drying in between coats to get the textured effect. The polish does feel rough to the touch, but not rough enough to scratch yourself with or get caught in your hair!

This color was so difficult to capture on my camera, but these photos are color accurate to the best of my ability. I can't believe I never owned a PixieDust before this! I feel like I have been missing out - this polish caught the light so beautifully, and there is so much depth to it.

Here is a macro shot of the polish. You can see it's a little patchy at the tip of this nail - the polish requires careful application, because it does not self-level, and I was a little lazy with it! But I still love the way it turned out. I imagine Carter would look stunning with top coat as well.

Do you own any PixieDusts? Which ones should I get?

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