11 December 2013

Diagonal French Tip Nail Art

When I saw this manicure on Instagram last week, I just knew I had to do a similar French tip manicure. Of course, I think the original manicure is better - my nails aren't long enough to do it justice, and I didn't get the lines exactly even.

I used a base color of OPI Don't Burst My Bubble, which is gorgeous for French manicures. Then, I taped off sections and painted I Love Nail Polish Raspberry Beret, a deep pink linear holographic polish. Once that was dry, I painted on OPI Haven't the Foggiest - I didn't use tape for this color, because I was struggling with the lines. That is probably why my lines aren't even!

I like this combination of colors and I think it looks really unique. It took me a while to decide if I wanted to post this, because I think it's far from perfect, but I figure that my blog is a place to showcase my improvement as a nail artist so I am posting it! Maybe one day I will revisit this manicure and do it better :)

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